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Edward B. Knight FKCC Vocational Scholarship





Scholarship Name:  The scholarship shall be known as EDWARD B. KNIGHT ROTARY CLUB OF KEY WEST FKCC VOCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP.

Purpose:  One $4,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to a Key West high school senior intending to pursue a vocational degree at FKCC. The scholarship will be distributed over a two year period. 

Applicant:  Applicant must be a graduating senior from a Key West high school.  Applicant must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), write an essay explaining his/her educational goals, get two letters of recommendation and supply high school transcripts.

Selection Committee:  Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of Rotary representatives (up to 5) and FKCC faculty, advisor, financial aid and FKEF representative.  The recipient will be selected based on demonstrated financial need, grade point average and other criteria determined by the selection committee.  The committee may choose to interview applicants.

Scholarship Distribution:  This scholarship is awarded for two years commencing August following high school graduation and ending August two years later.  $1,000 will be applied toward tuition and fees upon enrollment for Fall Semester.  A second $1,000 will be applied upon enrollment to Spring Semester toward tuition and fees.  Status will be reviewed at the end of the first year to insure that satisfactory academic progress is made and the student remains in good standing.  If satisfactory, the second year’s $2,000 will be released, $1,000 for each semester.  Unused funds will revert to back to Edward B. Knight Rotary Club of Key West FKCC Vocational Scholarship Fund in the FKEF Foundation.

Download the Edward B. Knight FKCC Vocational Scholarship Form