11 Rotary Clubs in Calgary collaborated to help Community Kitchens replace a stolen 5 -ton reefer delivery truck. Together the 11 clubs gathered funding that represented almost 30% of the total value of a replacement truck.

The following clubs: Calgary Stampede Park, Calgary Downtown, Calgary West, Calgary Centennial
Calgary Heritage Park, Calgary Chinook,,Calgary Sarcee, Calgary Millennium,, Calgary North,, Calgary East,, Calgary Olympic all contributed funds which gave Community Kitchens the needed support to order the truck in October of 2021.  Along with an insurance payout for 25% of the new truck cost and 9 other organizations contributing funds, Community Kitchens was able to purchase the truck outright.  The truck is on the road 5-days a week picking up and delivery grocery donations with as many as three trips a day.
Over 2,00,00 lbs of food is handled by Community Kitchens this year and the most recent estimate is that they directly affect a little over 400,000 individuals who are directly affected and are Food Insecure. From loss of the delivery truck in August 2021 it has been almost 15 months in getting the truck delivered and most recently having the truck wrapped with the logos of our 11 clubs as recognition.