58 campers, 10 youth leaders and 24 volunteers from Rotary, Community Futures and “friends of RAYEC” (past campers, former CF and Rotary) attended the 24thoccasion of RAYEC, held at Eagle’s Nest Ranch in the Cypress Hills in August.
After reviewing the business plans, $6,000 of loan and float money was approved by the team of bankers from Servus Credit Union.  The local Community Futures office provided the funds to the business teams.
At the conclusion of the Business Day on Saturday, when all the families came to pick up their campers, all the loans were repaid with interest and fees, garage sale bills were paid, table rental and office costs were paid.
In the end each camper went home with money jingling in their pockets – anywhere from $20 to $120 per camper and some teams made donations to charity on top of that.

What sold?
  • Reclaimed wood transformed into inspirational signs, key hook boards, coat hook boards
  • Solar lights for the garden
  • Bird houses and feeders
  • Decorated plant pots with seed packs
  • Games were played
  • One team put on the dance; with a cover charge being earned
  • Bath and beauty products 
  • Spices and spice concoctions
  • Dry ingredients for cookies and muffins
  • Blankets and “bean packs” for necks and shoulders – the type that can be heated up for pain relief
  • Tie died clothing, caps and bags
District Governor Steve Leavitt and his wife Pat came to visit on Thursday, a “production day”.  DG Steve individually met and chatted with all the campers and most of the leaders.  They were both active shoppers and where products were not quite complete, they ordered for delivery.  Delivery has been completed.
Silver Anniversary for RAYEC in 2023.