On June 21, Rotary Club of Calgary Heritage Park (RCCHP) member Brad Sewall attended the Woodbine
Elementary EarlyAct final meeting for this Rotary year.  What an energized group of Grade 5 and 6 students! 
The members were only able to meet since February of this year and still able to make a difference in a short
period of time.  Attached are a couple of pictures to demonstrate.
The first is a picture of the thank you card the club provided to the RCCHP.  In late May, the club held a Guess
the Candy jar.  RCCHP donated $135 to the event.  They raised $735 towards building a Little Library.  They were
so successful that they will be able to build and stock two libraries.  The club will be doing this in the fall.
The second pic shows the club members and the result of two projects.  If you look in the center, you will see the first Little Library which will be installed in the fall.  Around the outside of the picture you can see the 13 Calgary
Food Bank boxes that the club arranged to gather food for children with food security issues.  It's rewarding to see what they came up with for ideas and how well they executed them!  Rotary is in good hands if we can keep them
engaged over the years!
Karen Part (the teacher lead for EarlyAct and RCCHP member Martin Harvey's daughter) is leaving Woodbine for a different
teaching job in Mahogany.  She will be missed dearly,  I did have the opportunity to meet Jen Fournier who will be taking over as
EarlyAct lead.  She's very enthusiastic about what the club can do in the fall.