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January 16, 2020 Calgary, AB - 

Parents never expect to need a Ronald McDonald House, but we are there when families need us the most — during the serious illness or injury of a child. At least three families check into an Alberta Ronald McDonald House everyday.

RMHC Alberta alleviates the tremendous emotional, financial, and physical burdens faced by families during these difficult times. With your support, we can continue to provide a warm, compassionate environment and keep families together.

Today members of the Rotary Club of Calgary Heritage Park enjoyed fellowship and Community Service preparing a meal at Ronald MacDonald House - thanks Peter & Elaine, Greg & Leah, Lorne, and Trish & John preparing a meal at Ronald McDonald House. 



2020 Australian Bushfires Appeal

We have all seen the disastrous fires that have erupted, burning millions of acres, taking lives as well as destroying thousands of homes and properties across Australia. You can help now and receive a Canadian Tax Receipt.

Disaster Aid Canada is supporting Rotary Australia World Community Service. Donations made through Disaster Aid Canada by Canadians are tax deductible and we will be working with Disaster Aid International and Rotary clubs in Australia to ensure help is provided where it is most needed.

Rotary is once again taking the lead and looking to provide support for families in need. To this end several Rotary Districts and Clubs have established projects which are ready and able to accept donations from you. All of those projects can apply for funds from this appeal.




Rotary 2018/19 Annual Report

Rotarians play an essential role in ensuring that Rotary Foundation programs can continue to bring positive and lasting change to communities close to home and around the world. The future of The Rotary Foundation depends on Members like you, and that’s why we want you to see Rotary’s 2018-19 annual report

This year's report includes: 
  • Highlights from the year, including the strategic priorities of our Action Plan, the elevation of Rotaract, and the new programs of scale grants;
  • Rotarian-led service projects, like a tree-planting initiative and a recycling program, that are having a positive, long-term impact on communities;
  • Donors sharing why they contribute to The Rotary Foundation: To make an impact. To help millions. To be certain their gifts are spent wisely;
  • Financial information, such as how we surpassed our fundraising target with your assistance. 



The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign is an annual fundraising drive and 2019 marks the 129th year of the campaign. Kettles can be found at many locations across our Division and donations are needed to support our year-round programs and services to help people living in poverty.

Kettle donations stay local and go towards our social service programs, such as food bank services, school meal programs, counselling, hot meals, job search programs, summer camps, and more. Each city or region has programming designed to help their community’s most vulnerable.

Why we support the Becas Program?

Many bright young Mexican students drop out of school after completing grade 6. The reason? In Mexico children can legally leave school and go to work at the age of 12. When a child remains in school after the age of 12 the family is required to pay the costs of their education. The link below will introduce to some the students supported by RCC Heritage Park.

Volcanes Newsletter Fall 2019
Thanks to all for their work in supporting the Becas Program.
  They’re smiling but ‘Jamie and the Jim’s’ came to play! #sheriff @jamie_powell_ deputized the Jim’s - badges on and cash bags in hand they collected a bounty of loonies and toonies and   generated even more laughs!
On behalf of the nominating committee which consists of Brad Sewall, Christine Mihailedes, Doug MacDonald and myself,  it is my pleasure to present the slate of nominees for the 2020-21 Rotary year.
All positions with the exception of Club Secretary (2020-21 is year 2 of the 2 year Secretary commitment) are open for further nominations from the floor at our Annual General Meeting, taking place on November 29, 2019. In any and all cases of nomination from the floor, an election shall take place, conducted by secret ballot. The candidate receiving a majority of votes for each respective position for which an election is held shall be declared elected. If only one person is nominated for a vacancy, the President shall declare that person elected by acclamation.
Bienvenido a 🇨🇦 Valentina!
Several members of the Rotary Club of Calgary Heritage Park welcome our new Rotary Youth Exchange 
student from Chile.  No welcome to Calgary  is complete without a White Hat Ceremony

We look forward to getting to know Valentina and introducing her to Calgary & Canada.

Rotary announces US$100 million to eradicate polio

EVANSTON, Ill.  — Rotary is giving US$100 million in grants to support the global effort to end polio, a vaccine-preventable disease that once paralyzed hundreds of thousands of children each year.

See more

We are very proud to have a wonderful relationship with the South Calgary Community Resource Center.
This year we have them a number of tickets to attend and enjoy some time with their families at Heritage Park.

Joint Club Meeting
Jan 31, 2020 7:00 AM
Club Assembly
Feb 07, 2020 7:00 AM
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