Mayor Sandra Snow was our guest speaker at a recent virtual meet-up. In case you missed it, there are a lot of exciting things happening in the town.
The topics she included: “What’s in a name?” (Cornwallis); Bridge Update; Summertime in Kentville; Ryan’s Park; Residential Developments, and the October Election. (Click below to read all about it!)
An ad hoc committee has been formed to consider renaming Cornwallis Street. HRM has dealt with similar situations with respect to naming issues. Their work will serve as a guide for Kentville.
The new bridge is projected to be complete in October 2020. The construction is a provincial project and belongs to the department of transport. The current bridge has weight restrictions and has created flooding issues – both of which are anticipated to be resolved with the new bridge. Expect delays over the next few weeks due to reduced traffic lanes as the project enters the final phases of the construction/completion (matching up the roads and dismantling the old bridge).
[Question: Would the town consider a roundabout by the new bridge? Answer: It was the original plan, until determined there is not enough space to build one to current provincial standards.]
Summertime in Kentville is wonderful with the beautiful displays of ecofriendly pots filled with colourful flowers. Centre square has been enhanced as a place for people. The parks and trails are open. Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Kentville for their involvement in both Miner’s Marsh and Oakdeen Park. The tennis courts are being used daily. The town continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and takes the lead from public health in terms of safety precautions. Though the parks were temporarily closed in the spring when the pandemic first broke, they are open now and people are asked to take advantage, while physically distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.
Ryan’s Park is a resident led initiative that the town and a local developer have supported. It is located on the former KCA site. The vision is a community for our society’s most vulnerable. It is expected to contain 18 mini homes and town houses in a semi-circle. “A community’s grace and compassion should truly be measured by how they care for the most vulnerable in their society. Ryan’s Park will be that yardstick”
[Question: Who is Ryan? Answer: He is Susan Harvey’s son, the resident leading the initiative. Ryan is non-verbal autistic and part of the Kentville community.]
Besides Ryan’s Park, the town has the Miners Landing development. Upon completion, there are plans for four complexes. At this time, every apartment has been spoken for in three of these buildings (and the ground breaking for the third only just happened). Stoneridge has just been rezoned (R3) for single family homes, two family homes and six-plexes (no more than 3 levels). These developments allow Kentville to maintain stable tax rates. Check out the Town’s website for all the details.
[Question: Will there be traffic lights at the Miner’s Landing Entrance? Answer: At this time there are no plans. A traffic study in fall 2019 indicated traffic lights were not needed. Once the project is completed, there will be a review]
[Question: Who in moving into all these developments/apartments? Answer: A wide variety, including people from other communities and young professionals from all over Canada as well as retirees looking to downsize and move from their home to an apartment.]
Despite the fact 68% of elected officials voted to postpone until 2021, Saturday October 17, 2020 will see Municipal Elections across the province. It is expected that many will take advantage of electronic voting (particularly in this age of COVID). Both telephone and on-line voting will be available.