16 pallets of books were transported Fri., Nov. 14, courtesy of Shivers Enterprises to Pasadena, where they will go on a container possibly for South Africa, Pakistan or Indonesia in the ‘Books for the World’ program, sponsored by Rotary International. Dayton ISD still has another nine pallets and Hardin ISD has six going directly to the packing center. Liberty ISD has approximatley 10,000 books waiting to be packed.

Liberty Rotarian Stephen Dugger spoke to the Rotary Club of Liberty in August about the international service project, ‘Books for the World’ that he has been involved in for some time, and since then he and many volunteers have been collecting, boxing and shipping books to Pasadena for ultimate delivery to various parts of the world.

Rotary Clubs in North America are teaming with clubs in Latin America, Africa and Asia to distribute literacy materials. Dugger said, “It has to be a partnership between local Rotary clubs and the community to make these transfers work.” 

You can help by donating books, sorting and packing, and supplying funds to purchase the containers and ship the books. More than one million pounds of books have been shipped as of 2011. Rotary Clubs in the area are responsible for getting the containers transported to South Africa, and getting it through customs.  The container never comes back. It is repurposed into a classroom,  library, school, doctor’s office or whatever is needed at the time.

You can help by sorting and palletizing books:

Dec. 13 from 10 a.m. - noon. at the Pasadena warehouse.

The sorting location is 116 Main Street in Pasadena (Park on Eagle Street or under Hwy. 225. Be careful crossing the street and do not leave valuables in your car.) The building is a non air-conditioned/non-heated warehouse. Please dress appropriately. Last week 100 kids showed up to pack up to 19 pallets. The Second Wind Foundation is the financial and management arm of the project. Trucking cost when not donated, container purchases and the seaborne shipping are all expenses to the project.  The project is funded through donations and private grants-in-aid. Without financial help the books will not leave Houston.  You can also help by making a donation to: The Second Wind Foundation, 4601 Hamblen Ct., Seabrook, Texas 77586 or use the online donate button onwww.rotarybooksfortheworld.org

Approximately $4,000 buys a container and $4,200 covers the freight. To learn more, visit:


Shivers Enterprises Owner John Forames


Rotary 'Books for the World' transported by Shivers Enterprises ~ Thank you!


(L-R): Dayton Rotary Club Past President Arlene Langham, Shivers Enterprises co-owner John Forames, Robert Harrott of Dayton ISD, Dayton Rotary Club President Bridget Sjolander and Liberty Rotarian and ‘Books for the World’ local project organizer Stephen Dugger of Edward Jones.Image