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Shelter in place meant that there were a number of projects this spring that we were unable to do. A decision was made by Community Service and the board, to donate the funds from these projects to our partners providing much needed services to the needy in our area.
Below are the thank you letters from our partners.
Gigi Lam has a list of activities to help with Covid-19. She has contacts for all of these and will help set you up if you want to get involved.
1) Donation of PPE
2) Sewing cloth masks without a sewing machine, with cut fabric and materials provided (to be picked up at some spots)
3) Sewing cloth masks with sewing machine, with cut fabric and materials provided
4) Sewing cloth masks and volunteer gather own materials and do the cutting
5) Sewing cloth masks on only the fabric cutting part
6) Sewing cloth protective cap
7) Sewing head band for masks to reduce ear strains from prolonged wearing of masks
8) Making plastic face shields by hand
9) Making plastic face shields by 3D printing
10) Material donations for any of the above
11) Monetary donations to purchase materials for any of the above
If you are interested in any of these, please email Gigi at:
Thanks for reaching out, Gigi!
On 4/21, Dave Stearns dropped off 200 bags and a dozen home made masks at West Valley Community Services. The volunteers were happy to have the masks and bags for food they provide to their clients. Great work, Dave.
 Ann Cleaver on behalf of Quilts for Kids, one of Cupertino Rotary's partner organizations, delivered 56 quilts and maskes to Carmen at Kaiser Hospital today. She is thrilled and will start giving them to doctors and nurses in Pediatrics and Pediatric Oncology today. The kids are not happy with the hospital masks so she will be giving the colorful ones! Thanks to the amazing Quilters for helping out. What talented ladies
Click here for a montage of masks in use.
A couple of local Monta Vista/Kennedy students have organized a virtual walkathon where you can pledge to support others, walk when you want or both if you prefer.
All money will go to the Valley Medical Center Foundation and payments for pledges will be made out to VMC Foundation.
To make a pledge or sign up to walk, see their website at
What a great idea! Thank you Paige for alerting us to this opportunity!
As we are no longer spending money for lunches at our meetings, many of our members are donating to some of our partners who are doing great work in the local community to help those most effected by the Covid-19 pandemic. If this appeals to you, please click on one of the links below or donate to whatever organization you support. Click on the names to be taken to the donation pages. 
Thanks to the generosity of our one of Cupertino Rotary's international partners, the Kaohsiung West Rotary Club of Taiwan, we were able to distribute 3000 much needed masks to organizations in our area including SCC Sheriff, Sunnyview Retirement Community, CUSD, FUHSD and El Camino Hospital. Great work by our champion Annie Ho for making this happen and to PP Helene Davis, PP Hung Wei, PDG Joe Hamilton and PP Hsing Kung for delivering them. Thanks to the club in Taiwan more masks on our their way. Check out more pictures of the delivery's in our album here.

George Tyson s
hared his expertise on drug development with us. He shared that there are some encouraging developments related to COVID 19. Check out his full presentation by clicking here (or on his picture) Some key highlights from his talk were:
  • There are 4 phases in the process:  1.) short-term testing, 2.) antibody testing, 3.) vaccine, 4.) treatment
  • Many drugs are being tested through a rigorous process:  lab testing, testing for impurities, animal testing on at least two species, human testing in multiple phases, and long-term testing on over 1,000+ people to learn efficacy and dosing.
  • Did you know only 1:1,000 drugs make it to market.  There are currently 7 drugs going through the above process related to COVID-19.  
  • Drugs that did not make it through testing the first time are likely great places to pick up if there is belief it may help as the drug has already been through parts of the process to get approved.  There is a lot of information to learn from there.
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