Presidents Corona Update
Weekly Update 3/24
Hello From your President,
I am still wrapping my head around the reality that a miniscule, invisible except to the most powerful
microscope, odorless , colorless perhaps one celled organism has brought the planet – yes, the planet,
to a state of fear and hiding and uncertainty!

Given that, I think at Rotary we are doing just fine. Since the 10th of March, things have been evolving in
the Bay Area, and we are all adapting quite well.

We had our first weekly meeting over zoom, had a book club meeting over zoom, have AOS committee
meetings scheduled over zoom, have had our finance committee meeting, board meeting, charitable
giving committee meeting, and on and on over zoom . We are enjoying ourselves learning about the
technology, and perhaps even learning how to dress for the screen! And looking at our backdrop, maybe
rearranging some artwork around the rooms too in all the spare time we have now.

But, seriously, I wanted to touch base with everyone and share that we are all here to help and be a
support to each other. Please reach out and connect as often as you like, let us see if we can help in any
way ( seems like donations are the most feasible option right now) any organizations that can use some
hand holding.

We are ready to have fellowship and carry on rotary business as usual, except from the comfort of our
homes for now. We will have an induction this week, so please be sure to ZOOM IN! Please look for the
link in your inbox , will try to send a reminder again tomorrow night. If you have anything to share, be
prepared to with fellow Rotarians at our weekly meetings. We are connecting with speakers scheduled
to see if they will do the program over zoom, the meetings will be fun , please join!
Till we see each other, stay healthy and safe. In service.

Weekly Update 3/17
Hope everyone is happy and healthy. Things are moving very fast  with the CoronaVirus with updates and changes every hour! We have been following the advisories, the mandatory restrictions, the suggestions, the recommendations and everything in between coming from various sources. 
The Board has suspended our f2f meetings till the  22nd of April, however we will still meet each week on Wednesday at 12 via Zoom Videoconference. . You will receive an email from Presdent Padma with the details each week.
A few points to note:
  1. We will have our board and cabinet meetings over zoom for March
  2. We request AOS project champions to move forward with the projects’ planning as needed and  as appropriate with the organizations you work with.
  3. We need to continue Rotary Business, so we will conduct meetings via Zoom or over email and other methods as appropriate with the people involved  
  4. If an AOS is cancelling or postponing or rescheduling projects, please update the master calendar. If you need any help please connect with Bill Allen or Stuart Rosenberg
  5. As of now we are planning on moving ahead with all fundraisers, projects within our control beyond April 22nd. Of course, depending on developments, we will reassess.  
  6. I will send out updates at least once a week, more often, if needed
  7. We will have lots of time on our hands, in our minds, so let us get to doing all that we have been postponing doing – it will be fun to  see how we used our time when we regroup!!
  8. Our caterer, venue and program speakers will be taken care of by the respective leads.
  9. Anytime, you have a question or concern or joke to share, feel free to call, email, text me. It will be welcome!!
This is somewhat sad and unprecedented that we will not meet for a whole month, not have any social activity or fun things to do with others. But, I want to share that we have  “Team Outreach” ( I am not very creative) . The team is PP Helene, PE Stuart and CC ( Club Comrade) Judy and myself. Please reach out to one of us, (and more can join this group), so we can connect if we feel lonely, miss our friends, feel like a walk or get a cup of coffee or just chat. The enormity of this thing can drag us down, so we want to be able to reach out and help each other.  Let us stay connected, and we can get over this. Take this time to call a few Rotary friends to check in and enjoy some phone fellowship.
More in a week…stay healthy.
Yours in Service,