Posted by Kathy Yates
Alysa Sakas and Jerra Rowland. Presented the work of our club in World community service projects—distributed over 27 Countries. There was an overview slide show, then a drill-down on a project in Ecuador. Rotarian Irmgard was the inspiration—she had gone to Cuenca Ecuador after she retired and lived there for a year. She made contacts with Rotarians there and began volunteering with two NGO’s there who served women who were trying to establish independence after having suffered domestic violence. They have 3 businesses: catering, restaurant, laundering. This can become a source of income and skills building for the clientele. VIDEO LINK
These projects were the recipients of a WCS grant, done in conjunction with the Tomebamba club in Ecuador –to create a vegetable garden and green house to help grow food for the clients. This club is only 40 but does a lot of projects in the area. Irmgard also gave details of an associated trip that was made by 10 Rotarians and spouses/SOs from our club. As part of the random acts of kindness, money was given to their soup kitchen, and to the shelter for the needs of the clients (clothes, strollers, etc). There was side trips to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. 
Dana Stern gave President Padma a flag from the Cuenca club, and a handmade Panama hat. 
Orrin Mahoney explained how the funds donated to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) are able to fund Global Grants through a mechanism that allows for 100% of he funds contributed to be given back to our club for use in making these Global Grants happen. Liz Gallegos reported on the progress towards our annual TRF fundraising campaign. We are at 57% of goal. 
All are welcome to come to WCS meetings and/or to join in on upcoming trips. There are four in the works: Honduras, Ethiopia, China, Chile.