Jim knows Jon through the St Francis community, where Jon was Jim’s daughter’s German instructor. Herr Nakamatsu is a world renowned pianist, and spoke with Jim about his calling to music and the challenges that he had to overcome. His love of music began at age 4 at a preschool in Saratoga. At age 6 he got serious about it, and his teacher opened the door for him to the world of classical music. All true masters have begun their music at an early age—as the foundational skills get laid down in early childhood.  Jon’s teacher also had him practice with others regularly, which made it more social and further enhanced and enriched his experience of music. Regarding the Van Cliburn competition: he never really enjoyed competitions. But he found that having won that competition was a life-changer for him. It put him on the map and booked an immediate 3-year schedule of performances that allowed him to make performance the focus of his life. To relax, he still likes to listen to popular music of his youth--- 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. 
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