Pledge: PP Judy Wilson
Inspiration:  Jean Gasperini kicked off the year with inspiring quotes from across the ages, starting with children and working up to senior citizens. They were all insightful and amusing. Thank you Jean
Presidents Club:  
PEN Rod Sinks joined in honor of his mother having passed over the holidays. She was a strong woman and loved by many. Rod also was recently elected as President of the Air Quality District. Congratulations to Rod.
Don Sun joined to say how happy he is to be back amongst his Rotary friends, even if only for a few days. He has learned a lot knocking on doors in Iowa and New Hampshire in the upcoming primary election.
PDG Ron Seckel   joined in honor of our Past President (1966-67) and PDG John Fisher who passed away on January 8th.
Birthdays: Peter Halpin A rousing round of Happy Birthday was sung to our 18 Birthday Rotarians.  Sounded like a choir- well done.
April Bignell  let everyone know that at next weeks meeting we would be wishing longtime member Tom Dyer  farewell as he heads south to San Diego to live near family. Tom has been a significant contributor to our service projects over the years from building Gardens to supporting Veterans and schools. Be sure and come to wish him well.
Vardy Shtein is looking for a logistics (transportation) coordinator for the January 20th tour of Amazon in Tracy. Contact him if you can help.
Josh Selo reported that bikes have been refurbished for we need volunteers to help distribute them on January 14th. Contact Josh to sign up.
PE Stuart announced the upcoming District 5170 International projects expo on Feb 1st. Our WCS team will be displaying along with other clubs in the district, come and check out the amazing international projects (and its free). Bring a friend. Details by clicking here.
Maggie Padovani talked about the RI winning float at the Rose Parade. Once again RI won for the most volunteers. Check it out by clicking here.
Blue Badge Talk
PDG Ron Seckel brought PP Alan McCloud up on stage and told the club the story of the 5th AOS (Youth) and how District 5170 and Alan made it happen. (twice- in 2010 and again in 2016). Alan is an inspiration to us all for his commitment to Rotary and Youth and he received a well-deserved standing ovation. Thank to Ron for visiting our club to tell the story.
V2020 Permanent Fund Campaign
PP Hung Wei gave an update on the current campaign to increase the Club’s Permanent Fund. The goal is to increase our charitable giving from the fund from $60K/year to $80K/year over the next 3 years.
A very generous donor has agreed to match new donors commitments up to $10K, so if you haven’t given to the fund in the past, your donation will be doubled. Click here to make a pledge or let you team captain know when they contact you in the coming week.
Book Club Affinity Group
George Tyson let everyone know the time, dates, and upcoming books. (click here to see the details on the book club page) He also reminded everyone that you don’t even need to read the book. Join us on January 27th to hear about the formation of the FBI at 7PM at Wendell’s clubhouse (across from Quinlan)
Snowflake Thank you
Leslie Davis thanked everyone for another great Snowflake, in spite of rain and truck issues with the snow. She announced that she will be turning over the reigns to Monica Wu and Julie Griswold after 8 years. Thank you Leslie for your great work.
President Padma then provided us an ancient New Zealand proverb in honor of some of our members who had recently traveled there or were there now. “Face the Sun and the shadows will also fall behind you”. What a great saying.
Program: Kavita Gupta- Award Winning Teacher.
Kavita explained to our members he journey through STEM and teaching a cross-curricular approach, focusing on the whole student and inspiring their interest in the world and teaching valuable skills  instead of only content.
She also described her journey with National Geographic where she was picked for  a trip to the Galapagos and how it significantly impacted her outlook on the world and as a result her teaching focus.
It was clear from her presentation her enthusiasm for teaching and her students and our students are lucky to have such a committed and inspiring teacher. Check out the video of her inspiring presentation here: