Posted by Stuart Rosenberg
Minutes from March 18th, meeting:
President Padma opened the meeting at 12:05
Pledge: Everyone
We welcomed Rotary guests from 3 local clubs
President Padma provided us an excellent inspiration, a quote by Steve Jobs: "If you are working on something that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed, the vision inspires you"
Jagi Shani joined the Presidents Club to announce he was now in full remission. Applause echoed through the internet.
Member picture
President Padma, also joined to announce that her daughter-in-law had just completed her PhD defense at Stanford over a Zoom conference with over 60 guests observing. 
Jo Lucey announced the results of our Permanent Fund Campaign. WE DID IT!  Over $430,000 raised, 70% participation and 58 new contributors. Thanks to all that helped with the campaign and everyone that contributed.

President Padma led a group contribution activity, who could remember the memory speaker and the phrase, what a great way to have full member participation online. And the answers were:
Chester Santos: Monkey, Rod, Rope, Kite, Building, Paper, Worm, Envelope, River, Rock,  Shoe Cheese
Be sure and check the Service Project page and the Calendar for updates on the status of projects. The upcoming Book Club will held using Zoom. Join in the conversation, it was a great book. Contact George Tyson if need the information or check out the book club page here.
We are still planning our spring events: Golf Tournament and Chili Cookoff.  Leslie Hay announced we will have an exciting new format for this years Cookoff. Contact her to sign up to participate, its always a great time.
PP and DGEND Savita Vaidhyanathan suggested in lieu of purchasing lunches at our upcoming online (Zoom) meetings, members can consider donating to some of our partners who are serving those in need during these difficult times. A few suggestions at the meeting were Our Daily Break and West Valley Community Services (click on the names to be taken to the donation pages). Ian Greenside suggested this was a great time for members to donate to our partners, a team will be put together to communicate to the members. Stay Tuned.
Jeanne Bradford gave an update on some of the support activities going on at our partner: WVCS. Lots of volunteers needed to contact Jeanne or WVCS to see how  you can help.
PP Hung Wei mentioned we will be doing a joint project with WVCS, stay tuned for more details.
President Padma passed along the sad news that Cupertino Rotary Club member extraordinaire Tom Dyer passed away.  Everyone who met Tom loved him, he was always there to help and make a difference for others.