President Stuart called the meeting to order by inviting Rotarians and Guests to board the Cupertino Rotary train.  90+ members and guests got on board!  Visiting Rotarians and Guests - See Below. 
After recognizing our Newest Rotarians, President Stuart sent us to Virtual Table Meet and Greet to meet our newest members, visiting Rotarians and guests!

 You Inspire Us:  Dave Stearns, President 1999 - 2000 provided our Inspiration.  Dave shared what he learned and found helpful in Cupertino Rotary.  1st - Rotary is a volunteer organization, so, volunteer! 
Find A Cause:  an Avenue of Service, Event, Community Cause or Personal Passion.  Dave noted Rotary is more fun when we Find A Cause.
Be A Champion:  Dave's experience in Rotary is that we need leaders who do what needs to be done to Make it Happen, dirty work and all.
We Can Do It!:  Dave's Mom was a Rosie the Riveter, and she and everyone just did what needed to be done to preserve and provide our freedoms we enjoy today.  

President's Club:  Louisa Roberts dropped a Hole In One on the 8th at Deep Cliff.  So she joined PC to celebrate and share.  This is a rare, rare thing, and many members who have not accomplished a HIO wished Louisa well and many more.  See a video of Louisa's PC comments here.
President's Club: Dana Drysdale - Click Here to See a Video of Rotarians Singing Happy 97th Birthday to Dana's Dad Ray:  Dana joined PC to honor and thank Rotarians who sang Happy Birthday to Dana's Dad, Ray Drysdale, on his 97th Birthday.  Pretty wonderful!

We listened to a Red Badge talk from Mauri Okamoto-Kearney. You can see and hear Mauri's talk here. Highlights included wonderful family and childhood photos from Hawaii, a round the world trip with Terry, her husband, together for 37 years, a 25 year career in Biotech and a passion for improving children's lives through clean water, shelter, food, healthcare, education and sustainable opportunities.  Mauri sees Rotary as a way to make a difference in all these areas!
Community Service Committee Report:  Josh Selo updated Rotarians about the Care Kits given to residents of the homeless encampment on Wolfe Road in Cupertino. Care Kits include cards for Subway, Target, personal care items and snacks.  Thank you to West Valley Community Services for coordinating this service with Cupertino Rotary Community Service Committee.  Click here to view a video of the Community Service report.    
Padma Chari reported that Cupertino Rotary Golf Tournament is in full swing.  See the Special Golf Tournament Website - Click Here!  Time to come out and play!  Online Silent Auction Click Here!  Special Thank You to the Golf Tournament Committee for creating a special format for this year - play commenced July 14th and continues to August 1.  Every Deep Cliff golfer is talking about the tournament and tournament signs.

Learning and Fellowship:  This week, we learned that Rotarians want to travel, enjoy a mixed bag of eggs and pancakes for breakfast, and that Rotarians are fully dressed for meetings.  President Stuart arranged Fellowship time for all before program time.