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President’s Club:
George Tyson: Daughter, Natalie will be on Jeopardy Feb 22nd. Good luck Natalie!
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PPJudy Wilson - Remembering Sherry Hergott, 1941-2021. Sherry taught middle school for many years and then taught future teachers.  Ann Cleaver brought Sherry to Rotary after her husband passed.  Sherry dug into Rotary activities off the bat.  Sherry recently lost her battle to cancer.  All her Rotary friends share how much Sherry has meant to them. Her spirit, laughter, and kindness will be truly missed.  Both in chat and and sharing during the meeting; you could feel the love for Sherry. April, Steve, Joanne, Jim and Ann also spoke about Sherry, check out this video to hear them.
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Later in the program, Stuart played this video of the Children’s hope choir in honor of Sherry, check it out here.

Service Opportunities
Dr Seuss - 3/1 Please contact Jean G. to send notes to students and teachers
Paper Bags - please connect with Judy, Hung, or Sudha for drop-off

Fellowship Opportunities
Book Club: 2/22 How the South Won the Civil War
Cupertino Coffee Klatch @10am February 22nd
Cooking with Friends - Josh Selo hosted 2/10! Daughters Lexi and Maddie helped us make Gooey Butter Bars, white chocolate mousse with raspberry topping and candied nuts.

Climate Action Committee Report
Gary Latshaw  updated us on an upcoming 3/16 Healthy Soils, Healthy Planet. Contact Gary for more information, and the zoom link. - help fill out the form and earn points for Cupertino Rotary in the community challenge to help our planet.

Kindness Counts - Alysa Sakkas
Agent Mauri’s report - Maria Marcello, from the Healing Grove, check the video here.
Agent Benaifer’s report - Social Service Client, homeless for 10+ years, wheelchair-bound. Was able to purchase some items for his new place he received with rental support
Community Kindness Awards went to :
- Sripathi Raj - trash grabbing of the neighborhood while walking his dog.  He has inspired other neighbors to join in
- DeLeon Family, Shine Bright Holiday Map - stand out house which included choreographed lights to music!
- Sudheer Vemula post - posted about a mom and daughter team helping clean up the neighborhood
- Linda Roy - elderly member at her church needed help setting up his vaccine appointment and taking him to the appointment.
This months KC Challenges
- Who do you know that may need help accessing their vaccine?  Where can you help out?
- Support a Black Owned Business - follow the link to guide you:
This month’s Community Kindness Project supported McClellan Ranch Alpacas, Parker, Teddy, and Max. On 1/21 a mountain lion killed a 4H goat.  As a result, seeking $5000 to install protection.  Kindness Counts helped contribute $300 towards the fencing

PP/AG Helene Davis announced the Saratoga Door Dash fundraiser., 20% of proceeds go to Saratoga Rotary club.  Promo Code: SRC21. Let’s help them out when we order Door Dash