April BIgnell took us back to the beginning of President Padma’s year and Padma’s objective to start a mentorship program.  A committee was formed, which visited clubs with mentorship programs and has since designed an evolving mentorship program for Cupertino.
The objective is to help and sustain new Rotarians in integrating them into the life of our Club in the community. 
The new program augments the role of new member Sponsors and the Red Badge Committee who already work as a team to help new members – mentors add another level of one-on-one support to help integrate new members into the life of the club.  
Mentors make a two-year commitment.  April and the committee look to match established Rotarians as mentors for new members by considering personalities, professions, hobbies and interests – looking for points in common.
Every new member in the 2019-2020 year receives a mentor.  Currently there are 11 mentors / mentees… 9 from this year and 2 from last year.
We are actively recruiting members as mentors.  Let April know if you’d like to be a mentor.