Posted by Kathy Yates
  • Susan Latshaw—Our Daily Bread—requests volunteers to help with feeding needy at St Thomas church in Sunnyvale . Hours will be 10:30-12:30. Lunch available after clients are finished. Sign up in through the Rotator. Sign Up Link
  • Pumpkin Carving—Sunny View Summer House (Mon Oct 28) and at Live Oak (Thursday Oct 31) . This is being coordinated by Jean Gasperini. Sign up ! You;;
  • Cashiers Needed: once per month. Several needed. Great opportunity to greet people . See Susan Black
  • Diwali night: Oct 23, 6:30—8:00. This will be in place of the regular meeting. Please purchase tickets in advance so food planning can be done. Email will go out soon! NOTE: Diwali comes with lots of sweets! Register by clicking here now
  • Golf fellowship: Oct 28—starting at 8:40 at Los Lagos Golf Course ($29 with cart). All are welcome –beginning golfers especially. Let PP Wendell know if you are interested so 
  • WVCS service project update---Oct 25—Halloween event for WCVS Dia de las Muertas back to school shopping?
  • Santa Cruz outing—Oct 13—has one more opening for whale watching. Contact Vardy Shtein