President Rod Sinks
I joined Cupertino Rotary in 2011 and value the opportunities for inspiration, fellowship and service. At the end of 2020, I will finish nine years of service in local government on the city council, the Air District, Silicon Valley Clean Energy and the Cities Association. Next year, I look forward to focusing my energy and passion on our club.
Secretary, Dana Stern
I work for Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara as a Health Educator focusing on Pediatric and Women’s Health and live in an Eichler home in Sunnyvale which I restored 8 years ago. What I enjoy most is traveling, entertaining with friends, cooking and my pets. I am very moved by nature, love having my own beehive and garden to attract pollinators and birds. I joined Cupertino Rotary in 2014 because I enjoy being engaged with others and want to contribute to the greater good. I look forward to serving our club as Secretary for this coming year.
Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Moe
I joined Cupertino Rotary in 2012, but have been connected with Rotary all my life by virtue of my dad's life-long active involvement in Rotary.  My favorite club activities include Rebuilding Together and social events.  I service as a Trustee on the Fremont High School District board and as such am involved in school-related programs sponsored by Rotary such as the annual art exhibit and poetry contest.
Communications Chair, Irmgard Lafrentz
Starting my career in communications 1972 in Munich, Germany, immigrating to Silicon Valley in 1984 and starting a public relations agency in 1986 makes this a long career of promoting people, technologies, strategies, ideas or simply dreams. I joined Cupertino Rotary in 2007. Being the Youth Counselor for inbound Exchange Students from 2009 till 2015 brought me to Ecuador. Then I joined the Word Community Service Committee and now I serve as Communications Committee Chair 
Administration and President Elect , Steve Onishi
I joined Rotary in 2010 while working in Marketing for a medical device company (cardiology). I have since transitioned to working in the non-profit sector as an Encore Fellow. My passions include technology, travel, working out, and designing, planning, and executing home projects.  I am excited to be President Elect and  support our Club's commitment to service and fellowship.
Fund Development Officer Kathy Yates
I first got to know Cupertino Rotarians in 2009, while traveling to India to visit several Cupertino Rotary international service partners and do some sightseeing. At the time, I was  about to become CEO of an educational software company in San Francisco, so I didn’t have the time to join the club then. But, it was one of the first things I did when I retired in 2015. I am currently the sponsor of a Global Grant  to provide a mobile dental clinic project in Chile, and also serve as Chair of the Fund Development committee. Rotary enriches my life: I’ve made many friendships through Rotary and travelled to interesting parts of the world. 
Community Service Co-chair, Henry Buffalow
I joined Cupertino Rotary in  2009 to help the local community via hands on opportunities, offering my extensive construction background to work with others to make life better for those in need. I joined Community Service from the start and have served as chair for the last several years. I look forward to working with our President and Board to overcome the challenges we face this year to serve those in need.
Community Service Co-chair, Bill Allen
I joined Rotary at the end of 2017. I had been looking for a while to find a great group of people and a way to make the world a little better place and I found it in the Cupertino Rotary Club. Community Service allows me to give back locally and utilize the a variety of skills that I enjoy using.
World Service Co-chair, Jagi Shahani
World Service Chair, George Tyson
I've been a community volunteer as long as I've been an adult, so joining Rotary, as I did in 2001 was an extension and enhancement to what I was already doing!  In my day jobs I develop new pharmaceuticals, teach chemical engineering at Cal, and serve on my Town's City Council.  I'm excited to help lead the wonderful international projects that are coming up this next Rotary year. 
Vocational Service Co-chair  Jean Gasparini
Vocational Service Co-chair, Shyamoli Banerjee
Youth Service Co-Chair Internal Communication,Stuart Rosenberg
I joined Rotary in 2011 after working in high tech and elementary education. I love working with technology, reading traveling and biking.  I am looking forward to leading our club in this challenging year and having all our members see the opportunities our club has to offer in service and fellowship
Youth Service Co-chair, Meenaskshi Biyani
I joined Rotary in 2012 after working as a Sr. Systems Analyst and then as a CA RE Broker working  for my own company. I admire Rotary’s excellent mission and doing actions to support the local and  the world needed people and projects! That drew me to join this wonderful Rotary family! I love to  serve above self to help people and have done the services for the local communities and for Rotary  Vocational Services and World Community Services and Affinity Groups. 
Club Service Co-chair, Helene Davis
I’ve been a member of the Rotary Club of Cupertino for 14 years and served in many different capacities.  The committee I am most involved in is World Community Services and I have been on nine international service trips and a champion of three global grants.
I am a life long resident of Cupertino, In my Rotary off-hours I enjoy hiking, biking and travel, most likely doing all three with my fellow Rotarians!
Membership Co-chair, Judy Wilson
I joined Rotary 15 years ago after raising 4 children and working as a Human Resource executive. Rotary introduced me to a whole new world of opportunity and friendships. I was the President of the club in 2016-17 and my theme was all about our Partnerships. My Rotary passion now is working with Membership, both finding new members, but more importantly making membership meaningful. I have also taken a leadership position with the District and I will be “Chief of Staff” for Greg Giusiana for the year 2020-21.
Membership Co-chair, April Bignell
As a former educator and non-profit administrator, Rotary seemed the natural fit for me. In 2013, JW House was the recipient of the Annual Golf Classic grant and as the Family Services Director I volunteered alongside Rotarians at the tournament. I was invited to join Cupertino Rotary soon after.  Since retiring in 2017, I’ve had time to step into leadership opportunities in the club. I love my current positions on the Membership Committee as Membership Co-Chair, Red Badge Coordinator, and Mentorship Program Chair.
Program Co-chair, Seema Lindskog
I believe a small lever can move the world and all it takes is dedicated, passionate people to create meaningful change. I've always tried to live by that philosophy. I joined the Rotary in 2020 because it is a group of like-minded individuals with a drive to improve the world around them. In my spare time, I walk with my dog, encourage others to walk and bike, travel the world, enjoy art and literature, and try to spend as much time as possible with friends and family.
Program Chair and Climate Action Committee Co-chair, Gary Latshaw

Climate Action Committee Co-chair, Kiran Varshneya