"Clothes for Kids"is a success over 100 children will benefit this year! Thank you!
 The North Branford Rotary Club wants to thank everyone who helped make our “Clothes for Kids” program a success. Thanks to the all who have participated in our past fund raisers, thanks to the volunteer shoppers Jo Gambardella, Denise Cassi, Renee Salafia, Lauren Popolizio, Peg Bergantino,  and all the Rotarians who shopped Mary Lou Gargiulo, Mina Minelli, Anne Merola, Mukund Nori, Laima Nori, Diane Popolizio, Heather Hackley, Hope Looney, Donna Christensen, and Dawn Pearson, Chairperson who organizes this each year. A special a big thanks to  Kohl’s for its generous discount and their staff Linda Ford, Heather Mahon and Ellen Pascale and of course  Jaymi Hollingsworth who coordinated everything and made our night of shopping a smooth success at Kohl’s. Over 100 children will benefit this year and enjoy new coats, hats and gloves! Visit www.NorthBranfordRotary.org for more details.