The Goodbye Post


346 days ago I left Brazil for a year of studies in US. I was Renato, a kid full of thoughts and goals that believed that knew everything already and this year would just be another one. After a while in "Merica" this kid grew a little and realized that he was completely wrong. He started to see things a bit different, experiencing other cultures and learning new points of view. Soon enough I wasn't the same, I became Zef, "The guy from Brazil", a dude a lot more responsible and interesting than the older version. And all of this development didn't come out of nowhere. Through this year, I met a lot of people, different races, different countries, different cultures. I made very good friends, awesome teammates, special Bros and Sisters, and few of them that I'll never forget and that I can't stop thinking about all the old memories and also in the future ones. Those are the reasons why this year was successful, all my thanks for them. Anyways, just wanna say thank you to my supporters, the group that made this whole thing happen, my host family that helped me in everything that I needed in USA, my family that trusted me in this mission and of course all the amazing Rotary community. I've learned so many things this year in Tucson, and I feel that still know nothing. My exchange gave me a hunger for new experiences, for different cultures, and new horizons. Now that I'm going back to Brazil I don't think I can became Renato again. I'm always gonna be partly Zef. Resuming, Thank you America for everything that you have done for me, I know that this year is not the best of my life, but is the reason of all the incredible years that are now waiting for me. Well, what will I say? Just grateful.
Zef out...


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