Morning meeting - December 20

Dr. Judy Huch - Audiologist
Dr. Huch started a Non-Profit division, Grace Hearing Center to provide a model of excellent hearing healthcare to the under-served and under-insured of Southern Arizona in 2016. She participates in Hearing Missions with Entheos Audiology Co-op around the globe each year, some of which she brings her husband and teenage boys in helping to Give Back and provide Audiology services to those who do not have access. Dr. Huch was appointed by the Governor of AZ as a State Commissioner for the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in 2016 for a three-year term. She was also chosen to be the representing Doctor of Audiology for the Audiology Project to bring Diabetes Educators, physicians and other Allied Healthcare Providers together to increase the awareness of hearing loss with many chronic diseases.
Dr. Huch gave us a ton of great ideas on getting used hearing aids and things that we can do to help with our joint ventured grant.