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January 11, 2023
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Eden Prairie, Minnesota
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Next Meeting January 18, 2023 - President Mike G. called the next weekly meeting in person and Zoom for January 18, 2022 at 7:30 a.m., CFS, 6321 Bury Drive, Ste. 14, Eden Prairie, MN 55346
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From the Members and Archives
Pete G. at Byeerly's
Cathy C. at our weekly meeting.
Bob H. at Byerly's
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Jan 18, 2023
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Meeting Minutes - Bob Hersman
Meeting called to order by President Mike.
Granddaughter Kayley (Keeley (sp?)) with Char, Vanessa and Cameron Stiele, Sierra Grandy, Gerilyn Hausback with My Health. Cameron is our speaker today
Invocation by Rev Mac, on Sounds. Sound mind, sound body, sounding board. Happy sounds, fearful sounds, one of our five senses. They are all around us, sometimes background, often critical for communication. Imagine life without sound. One of the best Wednesday morning sounds is the sound of our time together in Rotary.


4-Way Test
International Theme
Bill S. - we are ALL part of the Membership committee. On Tuesday, Jan 17 at The Bear Cave in Hopkins, 5:00 -7:00, we’re having a New Members Rally. Invite your friends and those who’d like a look at our club.
Mike G. - The club needs a new director for our Youth Exchange program. Mark Magney will train one, or more, members who will take over this vital role for our club. Next week, this will be a speaker/topic with North Star Exchange at our meeting.
Alexa R. - 1. The District Rotary Day at the Capitol will be all day on Monday, Jan 30. Rep. Patty Acomb will be our club host for some of the day. 2. The District Mid-Term meeting is on Sat, Feb 4 at St. Peter’s Church in Edina.
Gerilyn Hausback with the West Suburban Teen Clinic. Youth mental health is a big topic in our club of late. It is growing at young ages, and the there are not enough trained staff. The wait lists are increasing. WSTC goes beyond this care to reproductive issues, and more. Gerilyn has visited over 100 schools to reach out and provide help and awareness. Thank you for that help.
Rotary Minute
None this week.  
Pres Mike said, “Yeah, that’s the ticket”, and Char even picked the Joker for him. Winner!
Happy Bucks 
Jerald S. - for his children here, Cameron for the talk, and Vanessa off to Scotland today for study abroad.
Chris Carr - for the kick-off for 12 Months of Beer recently. The next one is at The Excelsior Brewery on Tuesday, Feb 7, from 5:00-7:00.
Bill S. - for Chris Carr buying a beer for him at the Luce Line
Char M. ; for (Keeley) here today, and will be joining the Carlson clan in the Bahamas soon.
Bob H. - going to NC for a week with Grandson Isaac and family. Also, shout out to Tony for handling a car repair issue so well.
Mac H. - happy for sitting next to Tony, and the accolades.
Mark Marlin - the Minnetonka Summer Fest is ON for this summer, in June.
Tony N. - for being noticed, and a vacation in St. John’s.
Ron U. - happy that Mary is feeling better after not feeling so well.
Cathy C. - 77 degrees in the Bahamas today. I don’t think she had any ice issue there today.
Glenn J. -  for Ann’s beautiful blue eyes on Zoom. Yes, Ann reflects well on us!
Cameron Stilie with a talk on mental health in his age group.
Cameron is a senior and part of DECA (District Education Clubs of America) at Chanhassen HS.
His project is about getting the message out and getting in front of fellow students who experience mental health issues. He showed us, again, the statistics and problems in these young ages.
These kids need to know there are others who are going through it too.
Cameron showed 2 videos with Kaylee and Cullen, both students and friends at Chanhassen HS.
Their messages included anxiety, loss of sleep, feeling overworked, pushing harder can actually make it worse, change in friendships, feeling you’re not good enough. Often others like them are not aware of the problem until it deepens.
They also talked about what can help. Learn more about the problem, talk about it, especially with people who really care. Think of who you want to be, indulge yourself in things you like. Cameron’s project is especially good that affected kids want to hear from other peers. His video interviews can be spread wide, either face to face, or electronically. Social media can be quite an advantage, and yet quite a problem with bullying and other issues. 
Today’s, and Sierra’s talk last week, are quite similar. Sierra, at a slightly older age, said there was nothing like this in her earlier years, at least in her school. She and Cameron will be collaborating.
We can all be so thankful for these young people who have spoken to us recently. It takes courage to tell the story, and empathy to take on the help for other’s needs. It cannot be easy for young people these days, and we are very grateful for the work you are doing. BIG applause for all of you.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30am.
Submitted by Bob Hersman.
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