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July 11, 2018

Russell Hampton
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June 27, 2018

Mac offered his thoughts about being grateful to be able to serve our community.
  • Bill Sorteberg introduced Katie and Carol
  • Mary Tambornino introduced our speakers for the day: Anne Shay, Peggy Carter, and Amy Carr
  • Stacey introduced her two children who came for their mom’s debut at the head of the table


Chris Carr's ticket was called but the joker was elusive; potential winnings added to next week’s drawings.
Happy Independence Day!
  • Two Youth Exchange students coming this year. Please talk to Katie, Mark Magney and/or Jim Martin
  • Mark Marlin reported on the summer fest last weekend. Beer and wine sales brought in about $6,500. Regina was a rock star selling $300 worth of raffle tickets. Lenny Newman stated the event should net about $5,000

  • ICA is scheduled for July 14

  • Incoming President, Nancy Davis will be holding her first board meeting on July 20.

  • There will be a club assembly on July 18

  • Chris Carr reminded everyone about the next fund raising opportunity on Sept 13. Next committee meeting will be at Tuttles on Tuesday, July 10 @ 5 pm. Please see Cathy Carlson for sponsorship forms

  • As the new co-chair for the Social Committee, Darlyne Erickson is looking for new ideas for the social committee to consider

  • Alexa Rundquist will be introducing a new weekly bulletin soon

  • Please sign the card being sent around for Sara Edwards' new arrival.

  • Dane Espegard and his wife Brooklyn welcome the arrival of their second child

  • King Petey was successful at beer sales on Saturday. He also said something about the river being high in Jordan.

  • Char Murphy introduced her granddaughter Keely who will give an update during the program about her experience attending RYLA. Char and Keely returned from Orlando where Keely participated in the AAU Volleyball Tournament.

  • Jim Martin's oldest son is back from Colorado where he is attending college. During his stay he will be going on an annual date with Jennifer St. Clair’s daughter.

  • Mark Marlin was thankful for all those who participated in the summer fest on Saturday.

  • Chris Carr returned from Stevens Point over the weekend for a wedding and was thankful for the 8 hour drive to spend with his mother.

  • Bonnie Wittenburg was proud of the article her daughter submitted to the Star Trib about the Pipeline issue. The article was written with such clarity that the reader felt like they were actually there.

  • Ann Wengronowitz' mom turns 90 on the 4th and all the siblings will be home to celebrate over the 4th.

  • Karen Hoppe shared her enthusiasm about celebrating her sister's wedding to be held in her back yard.

  • Ron Levitus was especially proud of the new skill he learned at the summer fest – how to pour beer.  For those of us who mastered this skill many decades ago, we welcome Ron to the club.

  • Bob Hersmann was happy to report that Chris Rosenlund helped to teach him how to tap a beer keg. Bob also shared he complimented a young lady who wore large sun glasses at the summer fest and was later approached by her husband to inquire if his complement was going someplace. Bob got an appointment from the husband for an eye checkup.

  • Nolan Rundquist (son of Alexa and Nate) announced he is going to grandpa’s house for the 4th.

  • Alexa Rundquist gave compliments to Tony Newman for fixing her car, admiring the level of care Tony and his staff provide to their customers. Tony himself called Alexa twice to make sure the issue was taken care of.

  • Todd Moritz survived his best friend's wedding. He also indicated the offer to sell his house is not going to happen and he installed a new fence so the dogs can go outside and run free.

  • Scott Johnson indicated since Mac is offering such good invocations at our morning meetings he doesn’t have to attend church on Sundays.

  • Mark Forsberg shared the importance and how much fun it is to mentor. He shared a story about his last bowling outing with Mario and the wonderful time they had together.

  • Jerald Stiele gave $4 dollars on behalf of Steve Gullenger.

  • Ben Monnens shared the bank merger is just about complete. He also shared they will be finish the remodel of their home tomorrow, and he offered thanks to King Petey for the excellent customer service dealing with his insurance issues.

  • Ron Usem was grateful for his granddaughter's recent visit.

  • Chris Rosenlund reported that the Rotary International fund raising goal for this year is so close he is confident the club is going to make the goal.

  • Regina was recognized for her contributions to the summer fest even though she didn’t need to.


Char Murphy’s granddaughter, Keely, attended Camp RYLA this year and share her experience with the cub saying it was open and inviting. Some of the activities included a high ropes course (about 40 ft. above ground), and volunteering for Feed My Starving Children, packaging 166 meals. Keely’s group packaged 47 meals and listened to stories from food recipients who benefited. They were also given the task to put together a plan about how to start a high school and how to get the kids there, etc. Overall they learned the importance of team work.


Mary Tambornino introduced Assistance League (AL) representatives, Peggy Cotter, Mary Perkins, Ann Shay.


Assistance League, a nonprofit organization of volunteers, has been in business for 20 years. AL was originally formed by a group of woman who organized to help families in 1906 after the San Francisco fire, and there are AL chapters nationwide. The Minneapolis chapter serves the community in the following ways:


1. Grants for Teachers in the Minneapolis, Richfield and St. Paul School Districts for projects that exceed the standard curriculum. This program costs $41,000 annually, serving about 10,000 students per year.

2. Food for Kids addresses the needs of hungry kids in North Minneapolis. Every Thursday, volunteers meet to pack nutritious food into eco-friendly tote bags, and then deliver to two north Minneapolis schools. Children are given food resources to take home for the weekend that provides 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 3 dinners, plus snacks. Annual budget for this program is $43,000 and serves about 175 children each week.

3. Clothes for Kids partners with Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools to provide uniforms to economically disadvantaged school children. The goal is to help kids feel better about themselves and be more comfortable attending school. Studies show that appropriate school clothing can improve school attendance and increase classroom performance. Annual budget for this program is $150,000 which serves about 3,700 students.

4. Assault Survivor Kits for sexual assault survivors who are often discharged from emergency rooms with only a hospital gown to wear because their clothes are needed as evidence. Working in partnership with the Minnesota Hospital Association these kits are provided free of charge to hospital emergency rooms throughout Minnesota. Each kit includes a T-shirt, sweatpants, underwear, toothbrush, comb and shampoo. Annual budget per year is $30,000 making it possible to distribute about 1,400 kits annually.

5. Literacy program – reading buddies, one-on-one each week and serves about 60 children weekly. Annual budget for this program is about $41,000 annually

Total annual budget for all programs is about $327,000 to support all their work and efforts. They also have a Thrift Shop on Penn Ave.

Meeting Responsibilities
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Davis, Nancy
Sargeant At Arms
Carlson, Cathy
Sargeant At Arms
Babka, Frank
Newman, Tony
Krueger, Sue
Levitus, Ron
Moritz, Todd
Happy Bucks
Rosenlund, Chris
Babka, Frank
Regina is the Queen of selling Raffle tickets
People line up to talk to Minnetonka Rotary!
Mac ensuring the cash is safe
Rotarians hard at work
Mark M's hard work pays off. Terry is pleased the city is still working well without his guidance.