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June 19, 2024
The Marsh, Second Floor, Minnetonka, Minnesota
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Next Meeting June 26, 2024 - Vice President Alisso O. called the next weekly meeting in person and Zoom at The Marsh, 15000 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN.
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From the Members and Archives
IMPORTANT UPDATE to Upcoming Events Below
Important - Check with meeting leaders to confirm date, time and location information for all events below. 
Foundation Board Meeting - Zoom
Jun. 20, 2024 11:00 a.m.
Summerfest - Volunteer Opportunity
Jun. 22, 2024
3:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Minnetonka Rotary Board Meeting
Jun. 28, 2024 7:30 a.m.
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Happy Bucks and Polio Pitcher Donations
Please send your Happy Buck and Polio Pitcher donations to Mac  H. as follows:
Mac Hardin
Minnetonka Rotary Club
12926 Rutledge Circle
Minnetonka, MN   55305
Rotary International Foundation
Please send your end of year donations to Chris Rosenlund as follows:
          Chris Rosenlund
          8672 Meadowvale Drive
          Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Meeting Minutes - Bob H.
Meeting called to order by Alissa, for Tony, who’s still away.
Our speaker Carissa Carroll, Alissa’s husband Mikey and Bill’s daughter Annika.  Mikey and Annika will be joining our club. Terrific!!
Invocation by Nate, on the college progress of our past Foundation scholarship awardees: Laurel (HHS) is a sophomore at an Engineering school on the east coast; a full slate of science, and  also entrepreneurship, theater and other involvements.
Pablo (MHS) is at Georgia Tech, also engineering and cellular biology. He is already involved with Moderna and possibly vaccination research. 
Tomorrow, June 20, is the award program for our 3rd  scholarship, the GED program.


4-Way Test
International Theme
Mark M. - The Mtka Summerfest is this coming Saturday, June 22. We still need several spots filled.Sign up on-line, contact Mark Marlin, or just show up. Bring your friends. 

Jerald S. - (raffle tickets), Ann (baskets), Cathy (silent auction) reminded us to keep them coming. We are all on a goal of bringing in $750/member to reach our goal of $50,000. 

Mike G. - reminds us to use OPM (other people’s money) and also to attend all the planning meetings. 
Alexa R. - reminded us of the District Conference Meeting on Saturday, Aug 24. 
This year it’s at the State Fair. A $40 ticket cover all entrance fees and Rotary fun. 
Chris Rosenlund - announced another very successful year of club giving. We contributed over $500 per member, compared to District average of  $210. We exceeded our $25,000 goal, and will send a hefty amount, with matching programs, for Polio Plus. 
New Member Induction
None this week.
Rotary Minute
None this week.
Raffle; ran by Char, #463 picked by Mikey, Jim Martin held the ticket, AND The Joker. WINNER
Foundation Award Checks
None this week.
Happy Bucks
Frank B. -  for success of our scholarship students, and for a student he knows who will be job hunting  soon. If you know of a need for a Tri-Lingual (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) speaker and terrific person, call Frank
Jennifer S. - for sharing a June 20 birthday with Bob tomorrow
Dr. Carter -  for today being Juneteenth, marking the actual date that the Emancipation Proclamation  was enforced on 6/19/1865.
Rebecca S. - for heading up to Grandview for a BIG Family get-together. Do I hear 30 cousins?!

Phil H. - as he is pretty sure he’ll make his 80th  Birthday on Sunday. Congratulations, Phil. Also for his grandson graduating 8    th  grade, and being one of the speakers.

Patty A. - happy to be back from her Capitol Rep work and her son a graduate of the U of M. 
Bonnie W. - for technical help with her computer, and a favor from Bob
Lenny N.  for a recent family destination wedding in Hawaii.
Jim M. -  for Chris’s summer casual look, for a neighborhood party, and for Summer Solstice.
Alexa R. - upcoming Scouting camping with Nolan, and the District Governor yearly transfer.​
Scott N.  his daughter is in town, and if anyone can help with Quick Books.
Mark Magney; his son and family are moving to Missoula, MT and now closer to Idaho with the other family. Also, 4th  grandchild is on the way! Golf with other club members at Edinburgh.

Mike G.  for HHS and MHS and GED scholarships.
Alissa O. - for Mike here today, and for their (9th  or 10th ?) wedding anniversary. 
Bob H. -  for his grandson’s K graduation, and his Beaver Award. Beaver’s build things, and Nolan was noticed for using kind words and actions in building up his classmates. Atta boy, Building  Responsible youth at age 6!
Chris Carr - for their exchange student; a visit? Didn’t catch it. 
Paul Harris Award
Rick Ellingson received his Paul Harris +7 award. 
Today’s Speaker; Carissa Carroll, with Jacob’s Basket. 
Carissa told us her personal story, and where it went from there. Her son Jack was born on 3/21/2013, with Trisomy 21, or Down’s Syndrome. 1 in 700 births are Down’s, but hospitals are poorly prepared to talk to and support families. “I’m sorry I have bad news” was more the message than, “congratulations on your new baby”. There was not much support in the hospital.
Carissa actually had experience with a friend’s Downs baby in college. She would not treat ‘Jack’ as a diagnosis, but as a beautiful individual. She connected with other Downs families and very soon would reach out and support them. Carissa’s feeling was, “I wouldn’t change Jack, but I will change the world.”
She and her husband created Jack’s Basket, a gift of supplies and information and the ability to connect. It reached back to hospitals, to train them in better ways to talk to families. It is now a big resource for health providers, as well as the families.
Jack’s Basket has supported over 9000 babies, and 2000 this year alone. There are 150 parent volunteers in all states and 48 countries. All baskets are delivered in person, 70% by health providers.
The motto of Jack’s Basket is “You Make Me Better” She says, “I need a Jack in my life, an opportunity for compassion, to learn what life is really all about”. “What unexpected events in your life can you use to help other people.”
Thank you, Carissa, for a wonderful talk. You’ve made a huge change in how we look at individuals instead of a diagnosis, and the uniqueness of every child. The entire health care world is better off because of you as well.
Submitted by Bob Y.R.
Member Submissions
None this week.
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