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April 10, 2024
The Marsh, Second Floor, Minnetonka, Minnesota
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Next Meeting April 17, 2024 - President Tony N. called the next weekly meeting in person and Zoom at The Marsh, 15000 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE to Upcoming Events Below
Important - Check with meeting leaders to confirm date, time and location information for all events below. 
Upcoming Events
Social - Jewelry Works Happy hour
Jewelry Works
Apr. 18, 2024
Foundation Board Meeting - Zoom
Apr. 18, 2024 11:00 a.m.
Minnetonka Rotary Board Meeting
Via Zoom
Apr. 19, 2024 7:30 a.m.
Tour of The Grief Club
The Grief Club
May 06, 2024
3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Service Above Self Social
1201 Mainstreet
May 07, 2024 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time (UTC-05:00)
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Happy Bucks and Polio Pitcher Donations
Please send your Happy Buck and Polio Pitcher donations to Mac  H. as follows:
Mac Hardin
Minnetonka Rotary Club
12926 Rutledge Circle
Minnetonka, MN   55305
Rotary International Foundation
Please send your end of year donations to Chris Rosenlund as follows:
          Chris Rosenlund
          8672 Meadowvale Drive
          Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Meeting Minutes - Bob H.
Meeting called to order by President Tony at 7:30 AM
Rebecca, two other Minnetonka city council members, city attorney Bob Baker, Rotarian Minneapolis City of Lakes Club Tanya, incoming president Brooklyn Park Rotary Scott-visitor from website
Double Invocation today;
Mac M. - What makes for the best gift that we receive? More often, it’s something done for us, without any need to repay it. Mac recounts nice things he received from his nephew, and even our club. He was able to do the same for a neighbor. Today’s thought is that we Rotarians are here together to do just that; provide services for others in need, without a thought of return. Service above Self is its own reward.
Lindsey L. -  Today is Eid Mubarek, or the 1st day after the month of Ramadan in the Islamic faith. For 30 days, Muslims do not eat between sunrise and sunset. Today, Eid-Mubarek, is a celebration and feast day for the sacrifices and good deeds made up to now. Rotary aligns with that togetherness of purpose of the Muslims, and it reflects the many good things we all do, and not the bad news problems that are too often in our thoughts.


4-Way Test
International Theme
Chris R. - Tuesday, May 7 is our Service above Self night-out, at The Bear Cave in Hopkins, 5:00. As a club, we    can all help promote and invite others to attend, and show our neighbors what we do.
Mike G. - the Foundation received a Thank You note from the Tree House, a recipient of a grant.
The ICA Food Drive will be on Saturday, May 11. We need about 14 volunteers to collect food collected by the Post Office trucks, and load it onto a truck. Shifts run from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Sign up today, or on our website. Our site will be the Hopkins Fire Dept
Mark Magney - the Highway 7 Clean-Up will be on Saturday, April 27. Meet at Famous Dave’s BBQ on #7 and Williston Road at 8:30. About 10-15 volunteers will make short work of the service.
Alexa R. - The Jewelry Workshop, hosted by Ryan, will be on Thursday, April 18 at 6:00. Get your names to Ryan or Alexa, and a +1 guest is also invited.
Bob H. - The April 23 Blood Drive is coming in 13 days. Our task of 25 donors is very close, but keep asking others, as our goal is 50, along with The Marsh. You can sign up for a time by contacting Memorial Blood. 1-888-GIVE.BLD  (1-888-448-3253  or     MBC.org/search drives and use sponsor code 5083.
Tony N. - Thank you notes came in from ‘that kid’ Nolan for help with his fundraising,
and from Loaves and Fishes for our grants.
New Member Induction
None this week.
Rotary Minute
None this week.
Mike G. has #296, but the Joker remained uncovered. Play On!
Foundation Award Checks
None this week.
Happy Bucks
Mac H. - happy to speak for Mark F who celebrated a day out at the Twins Opener, $100 Happy!! Mac threw in $2 of his own for being there.
Frank B. - that a meatpacking plant in PA uses the hides of the cattle for baseball covers. Each ball only lasts about 7 pitches, and DID YOU KNOW, that baseballs were made of horsehide, until 1975.
Alexa R. - a nice story about meeting a woman who was a high school classmate of her mother. The woman gave her an envelope with 8 pages of stories and letters from her mother’s days. Alexa had not had time to know these things about her mother. Very nice ! 
Mark Marlin - for a new car with lots of new features he is learning to use.
Sam S. - for a trip East, seeing his brother, and a virtual tour of Newport, RI which saved him lots of $$ from the live tour.
Lenny N. - $5 for his new job with Twins Guest Services. He’s learning the ropes, including elevator operator. He’s looking for good jokes, like, “it has its ups and downs” Suggestion; “Hang on folks, this elevator starts with a jerk”
Mark Magney - for being back from 7 weeks in Idaho, lots of skiing and time with the twin grandkids.
Bob N. - once again, for the new members, “there won’t be any beer sold at Target Field this year. The Twins lost the opener.” (Thanks, Dad)
Also back from 7 weeks in AZ, a meaningful donation to the New Mexico Highway Patrol, and being able to keep the AZ home in the family. After all, his 5-year old grandson has been coming here “his whole life”
Tony N. - appreciation for members filling in on short notice for meeting duties.
Today’s Speaker is Alicia Northenscold form Memorial Blood Centers
Alicia is he Account Manager for Donor Recruitment and for scheduling many blood drives every month.
She has been at MBC for 4+ years, and formerly in a neuroscience and mental health career.
She fosters long-time community relationships, to have regular events and repeat donors.
Alicia is in charge of our upcoming blood drive on April 23, here at the Marsh, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
There is much more to MBC than most of us know. The blood we donate goes into many products, and may be used anywhere in the world. MBC supplies blood to hospitals, and the need is over 12,000 units per MONTH!
MBC is far under that number now; surgeries, cancer treatment, burn care, transplants are being delayed because of the shortage.  1 donation will go to help 3 patients.
MBC services include laboratory (testing and cleansing blood), matching for rare blood types, research, and pharmacy products. Giving blood is very safe, and it actually improves our body’s blood producing quality. We feel better by donating on a regular basis, every 56 days for whole blood, every 112 days for platelets.
Alicia came to MBC through a very serious car accident; she may have died if blood was not given to her while trapped in her car. She needed 12 surgeries, and is eternally grateful to MBC and her dedicated donors.
There is a Blood Emergency right now, with only a 3-day supply. There should be a 42-day supply normally.
Our blood drive is extremely timely in 2 weeks.
Some tips for eating before giving are leafy greens and iron. Flintstone and Equate vitamins are rich in iron.
Thank you, Alicia, for the work you do in this essential area. We take for granted blood will be available when needed, and blood donations are still the only source.
Submitted by Bob H.
Member Submissions
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