Jan 15, 2019
(Evening Meeting) LUKE STAHMER

arc Thrift Stores is now the largest social enterprise in Colorado, and one of the largest nonprofits in Colorado - and perhaps two years away from being the largest. Each year, the arc Thrift Stores generates nearly $90 million in revenue and they anticipate doing $100 million revenue by 2020.  The arc Thrift Stores is also the largest funder of advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities, one of the largest employers of people with intellectual disabilities in Colorado, one of the largest employers in Colorado, as wells as one of the largest recyclers in Colorado. 

Luke Stahmer has served on the arc Board for more than a decade including chairing two of the five arc Thrift executive committees. He has now been appointed to oversee community relations and business development at arc with an emphasis on sharing arc’s professional and non-profit accomplishments within the community.  Luke has extensive experience as an executive in both profit and not for profit endeavors including time developing projects while working for sports greats like John Elway and Ed McCaffrey.