Members of the Littleton Rotary Club once again volunteered their time to staff two of the beverage booths at the 2015 Littleton Block Party put on and sponsored by the Historic Downtown Littleton Merchant’s Association. Club members worked fast and furious to handle the demand for beer, wine, soft drinks and water.

Many thanks to the following Club members and their spouses for their tireless efforts in helping make the beverage sales a success: Drew and Vicki Lang, Bill White, Lyle Bell, Perry Nissler, Bob Young, Dee Leh and Dave Partheymuller, Tom Ashcraft, Scott Taylor, Mary Harris, “B” and Steve Bianchi, Ronda Rasnick and Dennis Brovarone, Darlee Whiting, Rick Clark, Bobbi McCombs, Charlie Vail, Dale and Bev Cochran, Elfi and Dwight Smith.