Mar 13, 2018

Ben Franklin challenged us that we will have a republic only if we can keep it. But this great nation will be unable to heed his words if our citizens are not proactive in educating others—especially fifth graders learning about government for the first time.

When Andy McKean founded the Liberty Day Institute in 1996, he never anticipated the things we would accomplish. Because of years of hard work and dedication exerted by countless individuals and our many partners, hundreds of thousands of kids have received copies of the the Liberty Day Institute booklets containing the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Many of these youngsters have learned directly from national and community leaders, parents, teachers, college students, and so many others just what it means to be an American. the Liberty Day Institute has strived to educate tomorrow’s leaders exactly why it is that our nation’s founding documents are so important—and why it is so essential that we preserve them and the freedoms they entail.