Apr 07, 2020
(Noon Meeting) LARRY WHITTED

Larry K. Whitted is a native of Colorado with more than 20 years’ experience in the security and investigation industry, including executive leadership roles in healthcare safety/security, retail safety and security, airport security, construction safety and security, corporate loss prevention, building security program assessment and development, workplace violence as well as Active shooter advanced training.

Larry has worked extensively with law enforcement agencies doing case investigations and program development. In addition, he has worked with the U.S. Secret Service regarding high ranking officials and presidential care and protection. Larry is certified as a Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) with the Colorado Information Analysis Center, Homeland Security, as well as Board certified with the Department of Homeland Security in Disaster preparedness and Homeland Security operations. Larry is a current member of the InfraGard/FBI Denver division team and is a certified trainer with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Larry has advanced training with the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA in the following areas: surveillance detection of high-rise commercial operations and bomb detection, National Incident Management System (NIMS), Center for Domestic Preparedness and FEMA management Leadership.

Additionally, Larry has worked closely with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI), and has been a keynote speaker on security topics including The Eight Signs of Terrorism and Medical Identity Theft and Fraud at local conferences and major businesses around the country. Larry has also provided his expertise in conducting Terrorism mitigation training, security risk assessments, vulnerability assessment (HVA) and planning for some of the top fortune 500 companies in the U.S.

Larry currently resides in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife Kris and their two cats and miniature poodle. Larry and Kris enjoy spending time together and enjoy hiking in the Colorado outdoors.