Thursday, Oct. 5 was our joint meeting with West co-hosted by Mat Dundas & Kelly Fawcett and featuring Rotary 5060 District Governor Bill Jenkins. Bill lives in Prosser, Washington. Bill spoke of the education to become DG – Conferences, zones, PETS, etc.  He’s enjoyed his trip to the area so far, got to visit Clearwater and a Kamloops Chamber mixer.  The theme for this year's district conference (May 17-19, 2018 in Prosser) is challenge, commitment, change.  He asks for us to go for the Changemaker Award nomination.  Our clubs have given $4300 (Downtown) and $3900 (West) to foundation this year.  Last year the district Million Dollar Dinner raised $1.5m in pledges for foundation. Bill also noted that President Riseley has asked each Rotarian to plant one tree.  He then played the conference introduction video and hopes to see us all there.