Today our guest speaker was Joanne Simpson from Sa-Hali Secondary School. Joanne filled us in on the upcoming school project, Light Up Guatemala, that our Rotary Club has sponsored for 2018. Joanne was joined by Josh Molsberry, Executive Director of Developing World Connections.
In Guatemala, more than half of families rely on open fires to cook. The smoke fills their homes, resulting in severe health problems. Years of smoke exposure can cause pneumonia, cancer, stroke, heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Respiratory infections are among the leading causes of death in Guatemala, particularly for women and children who spend a lot of time around the fires. The open fires also lead to deforestation. Light Up Guatemala provides villagers with eco-stoves that channel smoke to outside the home. The project will put 5,000 eco-stoves in the homes of families living in poverty throughout Guatemala.