Keeping Chickasha safe!
The May 9, 2019 meeting was called to order by Vice-Pres. Ed Stanton.  The prayer was provided by Rot. Kory Kirkland and the pledge by Rot. Frank Farmer.  Our talented music leader, Rot. Mitch Williams, lead the group in the Turnpike Troubadours’ song “House Fire”.  The Rotarian of the Day was Jay Epperson who introduced Tony Samaniego, Deputy Fire Chief for Chickasha.  Catering was provided by Jimmy’s Egg.
Vice-Pres. Stanton calling the meeting to order.
All of the 2018-2019 Chickasha Middle School Students of the Month with their counselor, Jennifer Heath.
Rot. Conrad Duprez providing the Sunshine report.
There was a full house today!
Rot. Chris Mosley and Vice-President Stanton presenting the raffle prize to Carla Wasson.  Congratulations!!
Rot. Ron Sanders and Rot. Amanda Mullins announcing the club will be sponsoring 3 Ryla students this year.
Sgt. at Arms Brad Duvall …the calm before the storm.
CMS student Breanna was fined by Sgt at Arms Duvall; thankfully, Rot. Jim Allen stepped in to pay the fine.
Sgt at Arms Duvall gives CMS student Morgan the opportunity to fine anyone, so…..!!
VP Stanton was the lucky winner from Morgan.
Rot. Jim Allen forgot to silence his phone.
Rot. Mosley – where does Carla, the raffle winner work?
ROTD Jay Epperson, "I've waited all year for this gracious applause."
Tony Samaniego, gave a great program on emergency preparedness.  He was able to give insight to the students on how they could be prepared.
Catering was provided by Jimmy’s Egg, Chickasha.
Also pictured are Rots. Bill McVey, Ed Chamberlain, and Kory Kirkland.

Deputy Chief Tony Samaniego has been in the fire service since 2005 where he began his career as a volunteer with the Newcastle Fire Department and later became a career firefighter. Tony has also been an instructor for the OSU Fire Service Training for nearly 7 years. Deputy Chief Samaniego teaches Firefighter 1 & 2 and specializes in technical rescue.


He is married with 7 children ranging from 6-25. His wife, Cecily, owns and operates Herbalife Nutrition stores. The two of them have been together for four years and will have their second anniversary in September.