It's not what you can see, it's what you can be.
The March 14, 2019 meeting was called to order by Pres. John Gorton.  The prayer was provided by Rot. Tom Avant, the pledge by Rot. Jerry Standridge, and song by Rot. Rocky Roberson.  The Rotarian of the Day was Ronnie Bogle who introduced Brenda Bennet and Mark Ivy with NewView Oklahoma.  Catering was provided by Jimmy’s Egg.
Pres. Gorton bringing the meeting to order.
Rotarians Tom Avant, Jerry Standridge, Tom Rose.
Rotarians singing along with pitch-perfect Rot. Roberson.
More songbirds: Rot. Jay Epperson, Ed Stanton, John Noblitt, Steve LaForge, Cassie Ersland to name a few.
Rotarian Brad Duvall show the new posters for the May 4th Rotary Run.
Rot. Jim Allen – donating with a smile!
Rot. Tom Adams – phone issues?
ROTD Ronnie Bogle
Brenda Bennett and Mark Ivy, discussing the benefits of NewView Oklahoma.
Catering was provided by Jimmy’s Egg, Chickasha.
Rotarians pictured: Chris Mosley, David Sikes, Steve LaForge and David Hall.


Mark Ivy was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He attended the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, where he served as an intern for Senator James Lankford’s office during his senior year. He currently works for NewView Oklahoma as their Community Outreach Specialist and Public Policy Advocate.


Since losing his eyesight, Mark has continued to play adaptive sports for the blind and visually impaired and has trained at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs. Mark lives in Oklahoma City with his beautiful wife, Alyssa, their daughter, Evelyn, and a goldendoodle named Emmitt. He is a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan and loves making people laugh.