Studying how society works in the American prison system.
The February 14, 2019 meeting was called to order by Pres. John Gorton.  The prayer was provided by Rot. Gerron Smith and the pledge by Rot. Matt Mettry.  Rot. John Mosley, lead the group in the song “God Bless America”.  The Rotarian of the Day was Hank Ross who introduced Dr. John Carl, Associate Professor of Sociology at OU.  Catering was provided by Interurban of Chickasha.
Pres. Gorton giving the Fun Facts for the day:
National Ferris Wheel Day!
Local History – news article on Chickasha’s Rodeo from 1939
Rot. Pauline Garrett with Amy Willoughby, Boy Scouts of America
Rot. Gerron Smith with his new employee Ethan James
A check for $40 to the Last Frontier Council to charter a new Scout BSA Girls Troup 9301. Pictured are President Gorton, Amy Willoughby, and member Mark Tibbetts.
Amy Willoughby explaining what a girls’ troop means in the new BSA world.
Rot. Smith providing the Sunshine report.
Sgt. of Arms Brad Duvall rising to the challenge.
Rot. Bob Hays – you can’t wear someone else’s badge.
Rot. Ed Stanton – serenading the Sgt of Arms.
Rot. Chris Mosley and Gerron Smith – accused of fancy britches.
Rot. Pauline Garrett paying in advance to head out early.
ROTD Hank Ross
Dr. John Carl, Associate Professor of Sociology from OU, discussing the prison system in America and Oklahoma.
Catering was provided by Interurban, Chickasha.

John D. Carl holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and a PH.D. in Sociology, both from the University of Oklahoma.  He lives in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife and family.  He is currently is an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma where he regularly teaches criminology and criminal justice related course work.   John has spent most of his life in Oklahoma, living for brief periods of time in Texas, Indiana, and Mexico.  His social work practice experiences include mental health, prisons, disabilities, hospital and hospice related work.     He is the author of Think Sociology, Think Social Problems, A Brief Introduction to the U.S. Census, and A country called prison, which he co-authored with Mary Looman.


John continues to enjoy his life as it unfolds, striving always to continually be curious.  In particular he finds support with family and friends who enrich his life.   In his free time, he gardens, throws pottery, plays his guitar, and occasionally finds a golf course on which he loses a few balls.