Taking great pride in neighbors helping neighbors, and the high technology world of Health Care.
The January 31, 2019 meeting was called to order by Pres. John Gorton.  The prayer was provided by Rot. Greg Elliott and the pledge by Rot. Ronnie Bogle.  Our talented music leader, Rot. Mitch Williams, lead the group in the song “You Are My Sunshine”.  The Rotarian of the Day was Robert Fulton  who introduced Dr. Bruce Storms with the Grady Memorial Hospital.  Catering was provided by Cotton Patch.
Pres. Gorton giving the Fun Facts for the day:
YAD DRAWKCAB LANOITAN - National Backward Day!
Local History – a police report from 2/5/1903 and a picture of the original Federal Courthouse.
Who’s that sitting at the table??  Rot. Hank Ross with Rot. Frank Farmer and Tom Rose.
Rot. Mitch Williams with Renchi Mazzini
Dr. Mike Johns, Roxanne Johns and Shirley Winstone
Rot. Gerron Smith providing the Sunshine report.
Sgt. of Arms Brad Duvall looking for the green.
Rot. Gerron Smith
Rot. Lewis Knisley
Rot. Mitch Williams
ROTD Robert Fulton
Dr. Bruce Storms providing updates of the Grady Memorial Hospital.
Catering was provided by Cotton Patch, Chickasha
Dr. Bruce Storms is an emergency medicine physician in Chickasha and is the Chief of Staff of the emergency room with Grady Memorial Hospital.  He received his medical degree from University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 1974, having over 44 years of diverse experience especially in Emergency Medicine.