2019 Christmas Banquet - USAO Ballroom
The December 10, 2019 Christmas banquet was held at the USAO Ballroom.  Guests started arriving around 6:30 and listened to music by First Look.  Our very own Mitch Williams handled the keyboard and backup singing.  The food was delectable: salad, green bean casserole, glazed carrots, scalloped potatoes, roasted chicken breasts, glazed ham, rolls and cobbler.
President Gerron Smith calling the banquet to order.
President Smith had assistance from President-Elect Ed Stanton and Vice President Amanda Mullins in presenting bouquets to our Ladies of Rotary: Jeanne Jones, Judy Jernigan, Virginia Ramsey and Geraldine Hodges.
Song Leader Mitch Williams presented Deck the Halls for our opening song.
President Smith presenting a memorial PHF for Bill Hodges, accepted by his wife, Geraldine Hodges.
Two new PHF recipients: President-Elect Stanton presenting new PHF awards to Pres. Smith and VP Mullins
The PHF awards for those tonight include:
New: Smith and Mullins
PHF+2: Chris Mosley and Virginia Ramsey (also for Perry Ramsey)
PHF+3: Conrad Duprez, Jay Epperson, John Gorton and David Sikes
PHF+8: Bill McVey
Geraldine Hodges for her husband Bill Hodges
First Look provided great music for the banquet
Lyndi & Brad Duvall, Maranda & Matt Mettry, and Kim & Gerron Smith (non-facing)
Larry Brown, Ed Stanton, John & Debbie Gorton, Chief Dee Rowell, and Diana Brown
Lewis Knisley, Amanda Mullins, and Jay Epperson
Pauline Garrett, Sharon Bowman, and Michael & Darla Morgan (not shown, Ann Manchester)
Kamber & Seth Covey and Heather & Robert Roehrick
Steve LaForge, Michele & David Sikes, Chris & Suehzen Mosley and Abby LaForge