The buzz about bees!
The January 10, 2019 meeting was called to order by Pres. John Gorton.  The prayer was provided by Rot. Michael Oberlender and the pledge by Rot. Cody White.  Our talented music leader, Rot. Mitch Williams, lead the group in the song “The Birds and the Bees”.  The Rotarian of the Day was Tom Rose (Charlie Burruss) who introduced Clifford McGhghy with the Southwestern Oklahoma Beekeepers Association.  Catering was provided by Rock Island Grill.
Pres. Gorton giving the Fun Facts for the day:
National Bittersweet Chocolate Day!
Local History – photo of Chickasha’s earliest candy shops (Owner Y.W. Darnell).
Pledge of Allegiance
Rot. White reminding member to seek out students for the 4-Way Speech Contest
George Thomas, with Rot. White and Oberlender
Tanner Tibbetts, with his dad, Rot. Mark Tibbetts
Tyler Grace, with Rot. White
Paul Lewis with Leadership Chickasha
Paul Harris Fellowship Award:
Rot. Frank Farmer receiving his PHF+1 from Pres. Gorton
A check for $1,000 to the Chickasha YMCA for the annual drive to support scholarships for the youth. Pictured are President Gorton, Director Lewis Knisley, and member Cody Mosley.
Full house today with the visiting Leadership Chickasha group.
Rot. Hal Brock providing the Sunshine report.
Sgt. of Arms Brad Duvall getting in the zone to hunt for the money.
Rot. Jay Epperson – his son Josh, is a member of Leadership Chickasha and works where?
Rot. John Mosley – time to pay up!
Rot. Chris Mosley claiming he wrote the Mayor’s speech (which mayor, eh?)
Guest Whitney Palesano had to pay the fine for Rot. Mosley.
Sgt. Duvall seems to be inspecting the bill left by Rot. Ed Stanton.
This should have been a fine!! Rot. Jay Epperson’s pink flamingo socks were finable!
ROTD Charlie Burruss stepping in for Rt. Tom Rose
Clifford McGhghy, discussing the many facets of beekeeping.
Catering was provided by Rock Island Grill, Chickasha.
Clifford grew up in the Anadarko area and went to Anadarko High School.  After graduation he attended Cameron Junior College for 2 years then transferred to Southeastern Oklahoma State College.  After graduation from Southeastern he joined the United States Air Force where he became a Crew Chief on a Titan II ICBM missile.  Once completing his tour in 1974, he moved his family to Duncan, and took a job in the Surface Engineering Department at Halliburton Energy Services and retired in 2004. 
Currently, Clifford inspects homes for prospective buyers, and as a hobby, keeps bees.  He started this interest in his youth because his dad had a colony of bees.  With his woodworking talent, Clifford builds colony boxes and currently has maintained a 13 colonies of bees over the past 6 years.  He takes great pleasure in beekeeping and providing bees to those that are interested in having a colony.