The September 27, 2018 Chickasha Rotary Club meeting was called to order by Pres. John Gorton. The prayer was led by Rot. Jim Allen, the pledge by Rot. Bret Burns, and as always, a great song was led by Rot. Mitch Williams with "Oilman" by Waylon Jennings.  The Rotarian of the Day was Wade Steelman who introduced Rodney Simpson II with McDonald Land Services.  Catering was provided by Chicken Express.
Pres. Gorton calling the meeting to order.
Josh Epperson, with Rot. Jay Epperson
Treas. Sharon Bowman providing an update.
Rot. Hal Brock announcing items from the Sunshine Report.
Pres. Gorton providing Fun Facts for Today and demonstrating how to crush a can:
On this day in 1908 the first Model T by Henry Ford left the plant.
National Crush a Can day in observance to educate the importance of recycling.
From 1910 to today, if cans were laid end-to-end, there would be enough to circle the earth 169 times.
Aluminum cans redeem at one penny each but the industry pays $1,000,000,000 annually for recycling.
There was a little confusion on who was the proxy Sgt of Arms.
Rot. Chris Mosley won...the struggle is real, folks.
Rot. Burns paid up for himself and for Rot. Jim Allen!
Rot. Mosley found AND fined Rot. Rocky Roberson for his missing in action last week.
Rot. Mark Tibbetts dug deep to pay for the missing badge.
The Rotarian of the Day Wade Steelman.
Speaker Rodney Simpson II with McDonald Land Services

Catering was provided by Chicken Express.
Rodney B. Simpson II has been in the Seismic Exploration Industry for 16 years.  Rodney is the third generation in his family to be in the oil and gas industry, starting his career in New York in 2002.  He spent several years as a field permit agent for various seismic data acquisition companies before starting his own company in 2007.  Rodney successfully ran Allseismic Permitting Services for 5 years before teaming up with another company out of Edmond Oklahoma in 2012 as their Vice President of U.S. Operations, operating seismic equipment all over the United State and Canada.  In 2016 Rodney joined the team at McDonald Land Services as a contractor.  Rodney oversees all of the surface seismic permitting operations for McDonald Land out of their Chickasha Field Office.
Rodney Simpson II