Alpacas and more.
The 8/30/2018 meeting was called to order by Pres. John Gorton.  The prayer was led by Rot. Tom Rose and the pledge by Rot. Jay Epperson.  Song leader Mitch Williams led the group in the song, "Smile and the World Smiles with You".  The Rotarian of the Day was Brad Duvall who introduced Terri Bates with the Magnolia Blossoms Ranch, LLC.  Catering was provided by Interurban.
Pres. Gorton discussed a vote to change our collection of club dues.  This was originally brought before the club at the August 16, 2018 meeting. Currently, each member is paying quarterly dues “in arrears”. The Rotary Board has determined that this was creating a drain on club resources. The board proposes, for a vote by club members, that beginning with the October 2018 billing, each member pay their quarter dues of $175 plus $44 for a total of $219 in each of the next three quarters. This will bring members current by the end of the fiscal year. Members approved.
Today's guests:
Virginia Ramsey, Diana Brown and Rot. Larry Brown
Rot. Brad Duvall brought his daughter Addison and his wife, Lindy.
Rot. Gerron Smith delivered the Sunshine report with both concerns and joys.
Sgt. of Arms Duvall making his way through the crowd to find the elusive fines.
First up is Rot. John Mosley for the Tacky Joke fine.
Next - you have to remember your badges!!
Rot. Pauline Garrett...or does that say Richard Varley?
Rot. Kory Kirkland - no badge, so sad.
Rotarian of the Day Duvall introducing his speaker, Terri Bates.
Terri Bates delivered a very interesting program and brought along two of her alpacas, Cocoa Channel and Arashi.
Everyone got in line to pet and feed the alpacas.
Rot. David Sikes, David Hall, and Steve LaForge
Rot. Tom Rose
Rot. Ed Chamberlain
Pres. Gorton feeding Cocoa a carrot.
Treasurer Sharon Bowman
Rot. David Posey
Rot. Peggy Boldt
Addison Duvall posing with both alpacas
Secretary Ann Arnold
Rot. Brad Duvall feeding Cocoa a carrot...looking for a kiss.
Rot Larry Brown found the kiss with Arashi.
Terri Bates, one of the owners of Magnolia Blossom Ranch.