Today was "shorts" day at the Rotary Club of Worcester's meeting.  Twenty-seven members came in their shorts which earned over $1,000 for the club!  Matt Erskine was especially charming in his Scottish Kilt and Dick Nevers took the prize for the most "colorful" pair of shorts.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the fun.   Click HERE for more pictures
We had a very productive club meeting today.  The operating budget for 2017 and the financial statement for the June 4th fund raising event were both reviewed.  The net amount made on the fund raiser was $45,182.
Membership Chair, Bob Mangan, reviewed his plans for the membership committee this year.  We will participate in the Business Expo again.  Bob also plans to hold a breakfast meeting for business leaders in the community,
Gary MacConnell reviewed the history of the Education Fund from when it ceased to be a loan fund to becoming a scholarship fund.
The Club meeting was so well received, that another one will be scheduled for either September 8th or September 15th.  More to come.
The Club is seeking nominations to fill a three year term on the Service Fund Committee.  The Service Fund Committee is the group that reviews grant requests.  The funds the Club distributes are the funds the club earns through its fund raising efforts.  If anyone is interested in this position, please let me know.
Happy Labor Day Weekend.