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Weston & Wayland
Springdale Barrel Room @ Jack's Abby
102 Clinton Street
Framingham, MA  01701
United States of America

Raise a Pint to Beat Polio at Jack's Abby Brewery

End Polio Now on World Polio Day  (AKA "Drink Beer - End Polio")

Join us October 24 at Jack's Abby Brewery in Framingham in the Springdale Barrel Room for "Pints for Polio." 
Jack's Abby will contribute $1/pint and allow us to accept donations that the Gates Foundation will match 2-for-1. We'll have fun, beer, food, and everyone (who wants one) will get a free purple pinky fingernail.
Every dollar will be matched $2-for$1 by the Gates Foundation, so one pint will generate $3 of support. 
Donations to "End Polio Now" can be made online anytime, too.
See this news item (video) on a very recent Polio outbreak in the Philippines: 
If you would like to join us, and ride to/from Framingham with a Rotarian, please email the