The meaning of fair trade in today's economy
Sep 10, 2019 12:00 PM
Carol Fassino - FairTrade Caravans
The meaning of fair trade in today's economy

FairTrade Caravans is a social enterprise connecting global and local communities through education and fundraising programs. We educate school and nonprofit groups about the benefits of fair trade and provide a program where they can sell fair trade products online and receive a share of the profits for their own fundraising goals.

Fair trade means that the conditions under which food is grown and products are made meet certain criteria such as fair pay, safe working conditions, no child labor and sustainable practices. The fair trade industry is growing as commerce becomes more global and people are becoming more educated about, and therefore care more about the sources of the food and products they buy and the conditions under which they are produced.

We will discuss the deeper meaning of fair trade and how our purchases directly effect farmers, artisans and producers world wide, along with the benefits of replacing certain commodities and products with fair trade certified options - especially in relation to school and non profit fundraising.