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The Rotary Club of Needham - Welcome

Welcome to Needham! We are a great group of 30 members strong and growing. Men and Women, young and old – we meet for lunch every Tuesday. Our projects focus on giving back to both our community here and beyond.

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30pm
Needham Sheraton: 100 Cabot Street

With interesting speakers and an energized group
every week, you will come away inspired.



Home Page Stories
'Tis the season!
We will be bell ringing for the Salvation Army this Saturday (12/1) from 8 am to 5 pm at Sudbury Farms.
If you haven't signed up yet you can do so here:
We will be having our holiday party at Lois and Ron's on Monday December 10th.
Sign-up sheet coming soon!
Our Needham / Wellesley football dinner was a great success! Speaker Pete Brock was outstanding and really connected with the kids (and the adults). Kudos to the Sheraton for hosting a great dinner and all our Rotarians who planned and attended.
Thanksgiving day saw 50 meals served in person and 100 meals delivered. There were many new and familiar faces. Thanks to Dan for organizing and for all Rotarians and friends of Rotary who helped out.
Speaker next week is Catherine Delano from Substance Prevention Alliance of Needham.
What’s it really like to be an adult?
On Tuesday morning, 5/29/18, 30 Rotarian and non-Rotarian volunteers helped provide a dose of reality to 400 Needham High School Juniors.
It’s called the Reality Fair.
Students received a career and a salary, then go about the very adult business of renting apartments, turning on utilities, stocking their fridge, buying a car, getting their own phone plan, and haggling over the most critical purchase: 65” LED TV’s.
Oops. Running out of cash? (Now that’s some reality!)
Time for a trip to the bank for budgeting advice.
The students were excited to learn how to plan today to avoid surprises after they graduate.
And look out! The wheel of misfortune placed more than one student in handcuffs (yup, real handcuffs with a real police officer) for DUI, causing them to miss out on their date, the prom, and more…
Some lessons just... can’t be unlearned!
Want to make a difference in Needham? We are always looking for volunteers to help with our service projects.
Join us for lunch Tuesdays at noon at the Needham Sheraton to see how you can get involved!

If you feel like spring comes a little late every year... “You’re right!” says Don McCasland of the Blue Hill Observatory.

The Blue Hill Meterological Observatory has the longest continuous homogenous weather data set going back to February 1, 1885. They have used the same equipment in the same location for the entire time, which means that they can accurately answer questions like are average temperatures rising, and are the seasons shifting (in fact, seasons start about a month later now than they did 60 years ago).

He introduced us to the Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder, a device to record hours of bright sunshine. It’s a clear glass sphere that focuses sunlight on a paper card. The burn lines on the card show when there was direct sunlight during the day. It is a truly low tech device with no moving parts, no cleaning, and no maintenance required.


The Blue Hill Observatory offers tours and is supported by memberships. More info at:



WGBH, our PBS station, has a communications tower on the top of the Blue Hill. By the way, did you know what GBH stand for?

Don shared the origin of the call letters for several of our local TV stations:

WGBH - Great Blue Hill

WCVB - Channel Five (think roman numerals) Broadcasting

WLVI - 56 (in roman numerals)

We have great speakers every week! Check out our speaker schedule on our home page and join us at the Needham Sheraton Tuesdays at noon.
Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Location: Needham Sheraton
President Marty Lindemann presiding.
Pledge of Allegiance: Marty
Song: Oh Beautiful-Bob Cox
Invocation: Karen Wetmore
Guests:  Dr. Ernest Lowenstein, an optometrist from Newton, was visiting today at the invitation of Greg Cronin. He will come back in the future and do a presentation on walking safey at night. We look forward to it!
Joke of the Day:
  • Today, Erica Bond, Andy Sherry, Bill Paulson and Greg Cronin had their birthdays celebrated!! Congrats to all!! Note that Andy Wining did his best to stand in for Andy Sherry: nice try Andy!
  • Remember, next week Dick Manelis will be the guest speaker, and has requested stuffed animals which he will transports to the country he is visiting, so, don’t forget!! Walgreens has the stuffed animals in aisle 27 of their Needham store.
  • Libby continues to collect children’s books.
  • Bill Paulson is putting together a high school exchange with another international Rotary Club. More to follow….
  • Reminder, the Holiday party will be the 11th of December at Marty’s home in Dedham. He promises the Pats game will be on at least 3 TVs. More to come!
  • Our $19 raffle to win $1000 worth of Mass. Lottery tickets is over. The drawing was held at 10:100 am at the Pancake Breakfast, and Carol R. of Needham won! She bought her ticket from us at Roche brothers, and says she is going to spend what winnings she get’s to help a brother in law purchase a prosthetic leg. How about that !!
  • Our Pancake Breakfast was a success! We served over 325 people, and raised an estimated $6000! Congrats to all!!
Two happy customers!
Part of the team!
Drawing the winning Raffle ticket!
This year we offered pancakes, chocolate pancakes and waffles! Watch out: next year may see more menu offerings!
Again, Libby transported the left over food to a shelter in Attleboro which can gladly use the food to fee the homeless.
Reminder: in 2 weeks there will be the Annual Needham-Wellesley Football dinner on Tuesday night at the Wellesley College Club in Wellesley. This features both football teams and both Rotary Clubs
Happy Dollars: Libby’s Grandson is doing better; Chuck, Bob, Paul, Charles-Happy to be here; Andy, Ken, Lois, Jim, Louise, Kathy Whitney, Ryan all for a great Pancake Breakfast; Ted happy for the birthdays; Bill Paulson-great birthday trip to NYC!!
50:50: Well, we had only 3 cards to choose from this week. This week the pot grew from $1235 to $1360, with those odds. Andy Winig (the non-birthday boy) won the ticket draw (#213) but did not pick the correct card. So, this week there will be only 2 cards left. Do you think the pot will grow again?
Guest Speaker: Our guest speaker today, Matt Ward, spoke to us on the topic “But First Chocolate!”.  Matt passed out Hersey Chocolate drops, and spoke to us on ‘How to solve procrastination”. He says the subject project must have both your passion and focus.
He recounted how Milton Hersey (founder of Hersey Chocolates) and his wife established the Milton Hersey School, in Hersey PA as a cost-free, private, co-residential school and home for children from lower income families located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. To date, they have graduated over 10,000 children .See  Matt shared how he is a graduate, and has grown to where he has his own Web software design firm.
He shared these 5 pointers about getting things done:
  1. Know your why? Why are you doing this?
  2. Know the negative reaction if you don’t get this done.
  3. FEAR-False Expectations Appearing Real
  4. Be proactive
  5. The butter on your bread. Accept failure, and go forward!
Great speaker, great topic!
Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Location: Needham Sheraton
President Marty Lindemann presiding.
Pledge of Allegiance: Marty
Song: Oh Beautiful-Bob Cox
Invocation: Karen Wetmore
Guests:  Glen Davis was with us today. We were delighted to be able to have him with us.
Joke of the Day:
  • Remember, in 2 weeks Dick Manelis will be cooing, and has requested stuffed animals which he transports to the country he is visiting, so, don’t forget!!
  • Libby continues to collect children’s books.
  • Buddy Bench for St. Joe’s. is installed! Many thanks to Galway Masonry who did the installation at the St. Joseph’s school!.
Presidential Minute: Lois led us down the path about the 29th President of the United States. He was known for 3 things:
1.         Apparently he appointed a number of his ‘friends’ into high positions.
2.         Was responsible for the ‘Dome Pot Scandal’.
3.         He did not want to join the League of Nations, as they provided mutual assistance in any member country was invaded. Because he did not want to do this, the country did not join. Look how things have changed! Who is it? Warren Harding……..Thanks Lois!
Happy Dollars: Lois-$2.00x for having Glen visit; Ryan for Halloween; Louise-Back from a great Holiday weekend and conference; Kathy for a great BID event; Paul, Bob C, Jim B, Charles, Ted all for HTBH (Happy to be here); Tom for a great trip to San Francisco; Bill for a great Pats game; Ken Davis for a Happy thanksgiving.
50:50: Ryan had Ticket number 118. But drew the incorrect card. There is $1266 in the pot, with only 2 cards left. How many people will purchase how many tickets next week, with a 50/50 chance!
Guest Speaker: This was a ‘Club Assembly, where the President lays out issues our club is struggling with as follows:
            -Membership. We need more!
            -Programs: Ken Karen and Kathy are looking for more speakers. Line one or more up, please!!
            -Foundation Grant Project: We are qualified, but, need ideas of where our cub can be useful with the District provided gran money. Our grill project for the Needham Senior Center had so much money donated to it, the mount we have to fund is too small. Any ideas?
Dick Manelis - Past District Governor
Jan 22, 2019
Mission to Columbia
Ambre Cuny - Rotary Youth Exchange Student
Jan 29, 2019
Ambre's home town in France and an update on her USA experience
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Feb 05, 2019
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Feb 12, 2019
Latest in Town of Needham government
Lucas McLaughlin of Tesla
Feb 19, 2019
Tesla Energy
Needham High School Robotics Club
Mar 05, 2019
Needham High School Robotics Club

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