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The Rotary Club of Needham - Welcome

Welcome to Needham! We are a great group of 30 members strong and growing. Men and Women, young and old – we meet for lunch every Tuesday. Our projects focus on giving back to both our community here and beyond.

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30pm
Needham Sheraton: 100 Cabot Street

With interesting speakers and an energized group
every week, you will come away inspired.



Home Page Stories
**Rotary Club of Needham**
Tuesday:  June 13, 2017
Minutes of Meeting
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song:  God Bless America; Led By: Kathy Whitney
Prayer: Led by: Cliff Gerber
Guests: - Kathy and Henry Lindemann; Ted’s wife, Marilyn Shaughnessy; Clifford Gerber, Asst. District Governor; Irene Tsardinalis, Family Federal Bank corporate member and Carl Kaliszewski, past District Governor.
-Sadly Ted reported the death of a great Gift of Lift supporter, Tom Ford, in Panama.
- Ted will be delivering a $10,000 Gift of Life check in Portland next week.
.-Ted had his final board meeting Wed., June 7th.  We voted to make the following donations:
  • $3,000- Scholarship fund
  • $2,000 -Buddy Bench to one Needham elementary school.Bill Paulson will check with Dan Gutekunst, Needham Superintendent of Schools, to confirm desire for this “friendship bench.
  • $1,000 -YMCA to help sponsor camping scholarships-Charles will present to their board
  • $ 500-Gift of Life
  • $ 500 -Polio Plus
.-RYLA needs help on 6/23-24 and 25 at Fitchburg State University.  We have 2 participants, Sam Lindeman and Sam Whitney both from Dedham.
-2018 International convention will be held 6/23-27.  If you sign up by tomorrow, there will be a $200 discount.
-Club history with Needham Historical Society – status quo.
-Schooner Adventure sail on 6/18.  Jim will send map of Seaport District.  Contact him for lunch choice.
-Annual cookout on Tues., June 27 at Rich Forte’s in Dover at 5:30.  Let him know if you have any dietary choices.
-Thank you to Andy Sherry, Holly Brown, Kathy Whitney, Lois Sockol, Charles Nelson and Karen Wetmore for help selling raffle tickets at Farmer’s Market on Sunday.
-Carnival on 7/7-8-9 at Needham High parking lot.  Bill has had 10,000 posts on Facebook. -Brad has also set up Needham Rotary Instagram account.  Contact Charles to sign up for ticket selling.
-Lottery ticket raffle sale still under way.  Marty has 140 tickets still not assigned. Contact him when you can sell more.
-Hank Philippi Ryan will be speaker next week.  Karen has invited other clubs to join us.
-Rich thanked everyone who helped with High School Reality Fair.
. $1,000,000 dinner surpassed its goal at $1,300,000.  Needham donated $30,000 with thanks to Marty, Ted and Karen.  Everyone donated $150 to foundation this year.
Perfect Attendance pins were awarded to Rachel; 19 years for Greg.  Thank you both for your work as Sargent At Arms every week all these years. 23 years for Tom Sovino who also serves on our scholarship committee and 34 years to Jim Brown.
Rotary moment: Nothing from Lois today.
Happy dollars: Money collected but not vocalized.
50/50 drawing: $694 in today’s pot; Henry pulled number; Carl had lucky number but no luck with card-still looking for illusive joker.
Humor: None today
Ted’s Remembrances:
Ted thanked everyone for their help during his year as president.  Just to name a few, he mentioned: planting at Needham high school; Community Council food collection; distribution of dictionaries to all 3rd graders; Chapel St. banners; Harvest Fair booth; pancake breakfast; Needham-Wellesley football dinner; Thanksgiving dinner; gift certificates to Community Council; Salvation Army bell ringing; RFV dinner; packing of 19,000 meals for Rise Against Hunger with Needham High Honor society students; spring plants to all nursing homes; Spelling Bee; saplings to 4th graders for Arbor Day; Interservice Club dinner; Historical society display; Reality Fair; Community farm repairs; high school scholarship; Carnival with banners; sail on schooner Adventure to see tall ships; India solar project; Dick Manales project in Honduras; Razia’s Midwifery project, Shelter Box and Buddy Bench, just to name a few.  Thank you everyone for all you did.
Ted had a fantastic year!!! More projects than any other 3 clubs in the District. Well done Ted!!
Guest speaker:  Carl Kaliszewski, Past District Governor spoke briefly to remind us about Rotary.  Their year begins July 1 with new leadership, fresh ideas and a reminder that we need Rotarians to help create a world of friendship.  Team motivation is due to leadership over the past 112 years.  Rotarians believe in truth, family, friendship and service above self.  Members believe in this act accordingly to make a difference. 
Marty presented Ted with a Thank You plaque with his gavel.
Carl  installed our 2017-2018 board
President: Marty Lindemann
Treasurer: Ryan Damaso
Secretary: Kathy Whitney
President Elect: Bill Paulson
Past President: Ted Shaughnessy
Sargent at Arms: Greg Cronin
Rich Forte
Jim Brown
Marty then took pleasure in presenting his wife, Kathy, with a Paul Harris for 16 years of helping him to be a better Rotarian.
After the meeting, Ted and Marty had fun with 'dueling gavels"!
Next meeting: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 12:00 at Needham Sheraton
Rotary of Needham
Tuesday:  June 6, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song:  God Bless America; Led By: Bob Cocks
Prayer: Led by Lois Sockol
Happy Birthday: We sang Happy Birthday to the June folks – Roz, Libby, Rich and Andy
Tami Lightfoote, Zack Blankstein, Scholarship winner and his Mom Jody Blankstein, Mercedes
.We received a thank you note from the Nashoba Valley  Rotary for a $1,000 contributing to a midwifery program in Africa
.We will have a dinner meeting at New Garden on 9/12 at 5:30PM.
.RYLA needs volunteers on June 24 – 26. We have 2 students attending RYLA.
.The Brookline Rotary is sponsoring a community service project on July 12 from 1:30PM to 3:30PM at Cradles to Crayons, 155 N Beacon St in Brighton. The project is with food packaging.
.The Sail Boston Schooner Adventure trip will be on June 18 from 2-5 PM
.There will not be a meeting on 6/27. We will have a cookout instead at Rich’s home.
.We are selling $10 raffle tickets
.The Carnival will take place on June 7 – 9. We need volunteers to man the ticket booths.
Happy Dollars
Ken’s son, Ethan, was married last week in Dallas!
Roz had a great vacation in Charleston and Savannah
Paul had a stressful week last week and is glad that it is over.
Bob’s son presented at a prestigious Google convention.
50/50 Drawing:
Marty had the lucky number – 535. He picked the seven of spades and did not win. There is $675 in the pot.
Scholarship Recipient:
Zach Blankstein is the 2017 winner of the Needham Rotary Scholarship. Zach received a check for $2500, his first of four yearly payments for his Scholarship. Zach will be going to George Washington University in Washington DC, where he will be in the honors program in both Political science and Music majors.
Lois Sockol, Scholarship Committee Cahir, said that all 3 Rotary interviewers were just overwhelmed by quality of the 64 applicants they received. All of them were excellent, but Zach stood out, and is the Scholarship Winner.
His Mother Jodi addressed us all and was most grateful, but feels that Zach is one who will ‘..make a difference..’ in serving others because he always ‘..puts the other guy first’., and has already demonstrated this in the projects he is involved with.
Congratulations Zach! Sounds like we have awarded a winner!
Next meeting: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 12:00 at Needham Sheraton
Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Location: Needham Sheraton
Ted Shaughnessy presiding
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song: America the Beautiful led by Bob Cox
Invocation: Karen
  • Susana Brown, guest of Jim Brown from Boston Rotary
  • Theresa Strachila, speaker from Needham Community Farm
  • Karl Heinz, speaker from Needham Community Farm
  • Asanya, intern at Needham Community Farm
  • Irene Tsardinakis, guest of Deb Kazarian from Family Federal
Bob led the welcome song.
Joke of the Day
I’ll give you the punch lines. If you want the rest of the joke, ask Louise…
“She drives at night”
“I’m really going to miss him
  • Million Dollar Dinner May 25th. Mechanics Hall in Worcester. They have raised $1.3 million so far on their goal of $1 million!
  • Needham Business Association (NBA) Spring Fair. June 3rd. 8am setup with Dan. Talking about Rotary and selling raffle tickets
  • Needham Educational Fund (NEF) sent us a thank you note for supporting and participating in the Spelling Bee.
  • Community farm last Saturday. More from today’s speaker
  • Final Board of Directors meeting of Ted’s year is 6/7 5pm at Bill Paulson’s office. All are encouraged to attend.
  • This year was Quad Con. Next year, Quint Con. 5, yes 5 districts will join together for the district conference 5/4 – 5/6/18 at Mount Washington Resort.
  • Exchange Club Golf Tournament Monday 5/22. Bill, Marty, Ryan and Rich. To support the Charles River Center. No more conflict with Reality Fair
  • Reality Fair is now May 25. We need all hands on deck 7:30am to noon at the Needham High School cafeteria. Four groups of 100 students get a taste of life in the real world. Fun and educational!
  • Karen is still collecting club memorabilia.
  • Schooner cruise is coming up. All seats sold.
  • June 27 no meeting at Sheraton. Cookout that evening at Rich Forte’s in Dover.
  • Farmer Market Booth 6/11 noon to 4pm. We will be selling raffle tickets
  • Carnival 6/7 – 6/9. We will be selling carnival tickets in an air conditioned booth. We will also, surprise, surprise, be selling raffle tickets. Charles has the sign-up sheets. We are also ordering “Rotarian at Work” T shirts. Let Charles know your size.
Happy $$$: 
Bob is happy to be here. Chuck for the Celtics game, Paul for the Needham Community Farm, Jim for guests and project at Needham Community Farm, Deb for the sun, Andy for the reality fair, paula to welcome our guests, Charles for the weather, Louise because Spring has Sprung (at last!), Libby for fellow Rotarians and the good work we are doing.
50:50: The number right below mine (458) drew the 2 of clubs, which is not the Joker, so the $588 pot rolls over to next week. Good luck everyone!
Guest Speaker:
Theresa Strachila of Needham Community Farm
On Saturday our volunteers moved lumber, deconstructed a roof structure, did repairs on the raised beds, leveled the grass, and set up the onion drying tent.
NCF is a non-profit that addresses food injustice and food security in Needham.
They have two sites, the pilot site at Newman and the permanent site off Pine Street. Pine street has 150 raised beds.
They do three things
1. Educational Classes on gardening.
2. Food donations to community council and Needham Housing
3. Volunteers to do the harvesting and bringing the food to the food pantry.
They work closely with the Charles River Center where they have a greenhouse.
This year they are putting in three raised mounds. Hopefully will provide equal drainage and growing benefits without all the maintenance.
They are also building a small hut that will be the washing station.
There will once again be bees on the property.
They are very grateful for all the volunteers that help out.
More information at
5:30pm Cookout at Forte's at 35 Old Farm Rd, Dover
Jun 27, 2017
Wonderful way to finish the rotary year!
Wonderful way to finish the rotary year!
No meeting! Come to a parade instead!
Jul 04, 2017
Happy 4th of July!
District Governor Karin Gaffney
Jul 25, 2017
Discussion of Rotary Year
**No Noon Meeting**
Sep 12, 2017
Dinner at the 'New Garden' Restaurant. See events.

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