Al Mason, founder and partner of Mason Capital Partners, and Elliot Bruce, CFA at Mason,  and Analyst, gave us a presentation on “How Conservative Investing Can Product Superior Results.”
Pictured are Eliot Bruce, Al Mason and club president Lehel Reeves.
The credo of investing at Mason Capital is “Make profits, avoid losses.”  Making up losses is not a 1:1 event; for every dollar you lose, you have to have a 100% gain just to break even, and then make another high percentage to make a profit.  Big losses affect your whole portfolio so don’t take risks.  It’s better to lose one opportunity (another will always come along) than to rush in and take a high risk.  Also, when companies or investment traders tout that their investment has a 10% return, look at the numbers carefully.  Are their profits repeatable year after year?  Look for companies that will be bigger and better in 5 years, not just a flash-in-the-pan.
The secret to success and minimizing losses is diversification.  Owning stock in 100 steel companies isn’t a diversified portfolio.  Make sure your portfolio covers many industries, large and small companies, and companies that have been in business a long time.  You should own stocks and bonds, and look at dividends (again with an eye toward repeatability).  Mason Capital Partners assists individuals and companies in making wise decisions, taking in all of these factors to create a profitable portfolio.