Amy DeMichele, Outreach Coordinator for the Littleton Office of Elder and Human Services will be the guest speaker at the Club's weekly meeting on Wednesday, March 3.

February 25, 2021

Amy DeMichele to Speak at Upcoming Virtual Littleton Rotary Meeting.


In a program sponsored by the Littleton Club's Rotary Community Corps, on Wednesday, March 3rd, the Littleton Rotary Club’s guest speaker will be Amy DeMichele, the Outreach Coordinator for the Littleton Office of Elder and Human Services. Amy will discuss the range of programs and services that EHS provides and how people can connect with them for support. She will also highlight the monthly "Broadcaster" online newsletter put out by the Littleton Council on Aging.

The Littleton Office of Elder and Human Services provides programs, information and referrals that enable residents to live independent and fulfilling lives.  Amy is responsible for evaluating requests from seniors and finding solutions through Town and Civic organizations such as Littleton’s Rotary Community Corps or RCC. 

The RCC is a group of non-Rotarians who share our commitment to changing the world through service projects. RCC members plan and carry out projects in Littleton and surrounding towns and support Littleton Rotary Club projects. The Littleton RCC is one of more than 10,000 corps in 100 countries. Its a community service of the Littleton Rotary Club.  The Rotary Community Corps is currently servicing several seniors with snow removal after storms and light chores as necessary. The chairperson of Littleton's RCC is Rotarian Phil Souza.  If you would like to attend this Zoom presentation at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 3rd, please contact Phil Souza at for the Zoom link.