Posted by Bob Schecter on Nov 11, 2020
In its most recent Random Act of Kindness (RAK), Framingham Rotary Club last month supplied a handicap ramp for Bridget, an elderly wheelchair-bound Framingham woman living with her daughter Carol’s family and struggling with health and financial issues.
Bridget’s mobility problem had come to the attention of Rotarian (and Boy Scout leader) Jack Colamaria, and when he learned of Briget and her husband’s long record of community volunteerism, he knew the family deserved Rotary consideration; it was time to give back.
Bridget can now get out of the house with relative ease, especially to keep doctor’s appointments. The RAK was fully achieved thanks to financial support from BayPath Elder Services, which helped make it a reality.
Bridget, with her daughter Carol, and Framingham Rotarian Jack Colamaria.