Posted by Richard Manelis on Apr 26, 2021
Our speaker today was Carolina Barrios from the Rotary Club of Cartagena, Colombia.  She spoke to us from her home in Cartagena.  Carolina grew up “Rotary”….her father was a District Governor and is still active. She has served as club president for three terms (2 different clubs); her current club has 26 women, one man and 2 Rotaractors. 
In 2010, the village of Leticia (45 miles away from Cartagena) suffered a  disastrous  flood.  Carolina formed a Village Corps with the leaders of the village, established priorities and helped bring the village back.  In 2016 she worked on a Global Grant for economic development through the production of patio gardens organized by the Interact Club.  These are raised 4 foot x 4 foot boxes used for growing herbs and vegetables that can be sold to local consumers and restaurants.  In 2021 there was a Global Grant with the Nashoba Valley Club in the area of basic education.
Carolina noted that Colombia is the second most mega-diverse country in the world.