Posted by Richard Manelis
Marty Cohen, Executive Director, for the past 20 years has guided the MetroWest Health Foundation….established in 1999 when the community hospitals of Natick and Framingham were sold to a private investor. It operates in a fixed geographic area servicing the 25 MetroWest communities of about 490 thousand residents. 
With $125M in assets, The MW Health Foundation is able to give out $5.5 Million per year in various grants…….one of which was to assist in the costs of our playground at Butterworth Park.
The Foundation’s mission is to improve the heath status of the communities and its citizens. It's work is data driven with much comprehensive planning that is based upon evidence, citizen feedback, the use of experts and advance (5-year) planning
Both Marty and the Foundation are MetroWest assets of which we can be proud! Thank you, Marty!!!