Posted by Richard Manelis on Jan 11, 2021
Caroline Murphy and Matt Jose of the Foundation for Metrowest spoke today on food insecurity in Metrowest.  Food Insecurity is defined as the limited or inconsistent access to adequate and healthy food…………the key words being “adequate” and “healthy”. 
With approximately 65 food support organizations in MetroWest, each being local and serving smaller populations, we don’t see the long lines that are prevalent in Texas and other states.  But our need is just as real with an increase of 59% in food insecurity since March….exacerbated by supply shortages and price increases. Specifically, food insecurity among children has grown by 102%.
Key partners for the Foundation are: the YMCA, Framingham Public Schools, Salvation Army, United Way and the Greater Framingham Community Church.  The emergency food line is: 508-532-5479