Posted by Richard Manelis on Jan 19, 2021
It is difficult to write about the current disfunction grasping our country without crossing the boundry line of “no-politics in Rotary”.  And perhaps that is symptomatic of the problem.  Regardless of our individual political orientation, we, as a nation, seem obsessed with our differences. 
The one thing that all must realize and accept is that we, dispite philosophical, political, religious, cultural and numerous other differences, have a common goal……….the strength, security and stability of our country. We need to recognize that, despite polarizing differences over the past almost 250 years, we are still the country that is envied, still the country that immigrants rush to and still the country that remains a beacon of hope throughout the world.  

Our system works!!  It works because we know that, if we disagree with those in office, we can vote them out.  Because of the checks and balances built into our system, the country is “safe” during the tenure of those with whom we object.
It is time to view our differences and diversities as strengths and not weaknesses.